What on Earth am I doing?!

I’m sitting here desperately trying to rejig my running programme for the next few weeks because today I changed my working week. I teach for a couple of days a week and run a gallery for the rest, leaving me little actual time for myself. In fact, I seem to spend all of my Sunday catching up with jobs just in time to start work on Monday and then repeat the same process on Wednesday, my next day off.

I needed a “weekend”, like normal people have, even if my weekend didn’t happen at a weekend!

So today I negotiated to swap my Monday for Wednesday, meaning my weekend is now Sunday and Monday! Fab!!

The ‘fabness’ lasted until I picked up my training diary and all of a sudden I found I had great big runs booked on days that I can’t run outside on until we get into the longer days. Bugger!

Then it struck me. What am I doing here? I am desperately trying to improve my 10k time (by quite a bit as it happens) just for my own pleasure. Surely my sanity is worth more than that? I might not have time to run in the week, but now I have two days to choose from to do my long run!

The upshot is I have to say goodbye to Mr Galloway’s training app and look for something that takes into account that we can’t all run 17k on a weekday! Yes, I’d love to lower my 10k time, but not at the expense of my family, social life or well-being!

I’m off to hunt out a better plan. If you have one please feel free to share it. I have one month until my first 10k race of the year and I’m three weeks into a plan already. All help will be gratefully received!

2 thoughts on “What on Earth am I doing?!

    1. Yes, I have. I think I’ve looked at everyone’s plans now!! I think Hal’s plan is a bit too hardcore for me. Looking at his intermediate plan I don’t have time to do what he asks. I like Jeff Galloway’s whole ethos on running and I’m happy to follow his training plan.

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