Short and Sweet, for Valentine’s Day

When I got home last night I decided I just had enough time to nip out for a few miles before my carriage arrived to take me to my Valentine’s date (for carriage read bus – we live in the country and neither of us wanted to drive!)

It was still light and so I opted for my favourite run, down into the forest – just me, Murphy Dog and Gary Garmin. I decided to do a couple of miles, down to the gate and back. That would break my non-running streak and also set me up for today’s long run.

I didn’t follow the usual Jeff Galloway Run:Walk ratios. I decided, instead, to just run when I wanted and walk when I wanted – totally guilt free! I actually ran for longer and walked less as a result. The route was dry in places and very, very muddy in others. I think you can tell from my Garmin data which is which!!

We saw just one deer, although as it was Valentine’s Day it became a Dear Deer! Murphy, of course, went running after it, stopping only when the deer jumped the dyke into the trees. Have you ever seen a disheartened dog?

We met a couple walking their spaniel on the way down to the pond and so I decided that rather than turn at the gate and run up behind them I’d run up another track towards the castle. It would mean half a mile of tarmac and Murphy on a lead, but that was fine. What I didn’t account for was just how muddy the track was between the gate and the castle! That’s where the Garmin data starts jumping around a bit!

The run up from the castle was actually really nice. I was pushing on with some good pace and didn’t stop until I reached the road end, although pushing my timer button wasn’t enough apparently as it kept on timing me all the way home and into my living room!

Today I’m still in a state of flux with regards to my training programme. I’m not really following anything and I feel a bit lost to be honest. I keep meaning to sit down and sort out what I want and am able to do. Maybe today is the day for that? I’m also hoping to get a longer run in. I had 9 or 10 miles in mind but it’s a breezy day and I might be asking for trouble. Usually if it’s breezy at our house, surrounded by sheltering trees, it’s very windy up on the hill and down at the shore.

I’ve breakfasted on my runner’s breakfast of boiled egg and toasted spelt bread, just in case! Nothing like being prepared!

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