The trail of two bras

I’ve talked before about sports bras and generally how ineffective I find them. I’m not a big lassie, but I find any movement incredibly uncomfortable and can be sore for a few days after a long or fast run if I’m not adequately supported. So much so that recently I’ve taken to wearing two bras. This seems to be the most effective answer to my bouncing problems, both of them! I still favour the wide shouldered Crivit bra sold by Aldi and the similar one made by Crane and sold by Lidl, but on top of these I’ve started wearing a stretchy over the top bra or a vest top with an integral bra.

To test this out I took my boobs and two bras out onto the trail today and have to inform you that I am feeling no ill effects of running 3 miles off-road! Mind you, I am typing this in my running gear and haven’t worked up the guts to remove either bra yet! I suppose that says something about comfort if nothing else.

The run itself was another down through the trees run with the dog. Today we saw two deer, one running in ever decreasing circles in amongst the stumps left by the loggers and the other ran from the stumps, across our path to the other side. Neither were to be seen as we turned and headed back so I’m guessing they had donned tree disguises. Pretty dammed good ones too.

I ran 4:1 intervals, which felt good. My average running pace for each run were: 10:35 (flat), 9:56 (slightly downhill), 10:33 (up and down), 11:53 (flat), 11:32 (up and down), 12:02 (uphill), 11:25 (slightly downhill) and 9:24 (flat). Within each of those I had some great best paces, fastest being 7:40 and that was slap bang in the middle going uphill! The stats are always interesting to read, even for me!

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On a training front I have ditched my Jeff Galloway app. My main reason is that it’s just too demanding and I just don’t have the time to meet those demands. Trying to fit in two long runs in a week was starting to stress me out and basically my running is meant to be relaxing and fun! I’ve not left Mr Galloway’s plans however. Instead I went onto his website and have picked up his 10k training plan which involves one long run and I’ll do that on either a Sunday or a Monday depending on my plans. For the rest of the week I can do 30 – 45 minute runs either on the trail, road or treadmill, walking on days in between and resting on a Saturday.

I’m coming in on week 8, which should be fine. To be honest I feel quite relieved. I’m happy to do this and not push myself too hard at the moment. Yes, I would love to get my 10k time to around 60 minutes, but it’s not that far away from that now.

You can find Jeff’s training plans here

I’m off tonight to do some cross training – I’m learning a cha-cha! It’s tough on the calves, but great for the core!

6 thoughts on “The trail of two bras

  1. I love the Moving Comfort Juno bra. I went up a band size and down a cup size. I used to run in two bras, which I still do if the Juno’s are in the wash. I might try a cw-x though, like Happy Runner mentioned. I wonder about fit on those….

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