Personal Bests

We all love personal bests, even those of us who insist that running is ‘purely for pleasure’ or ‘just a way of keeping fit’. Pushing yourself through a barrier opens up more than the barrier itself; it lets you enter into a new and perhaps frightening new world, one in which you are no longer ‘just a’ – now you are an ‘achiever’!

Today I broke through a barrier. Today I ran my first 10k in under an hour. It feels good. To be honest it felt easy, which opens up a few concerns about dropping my Jeff Galloway training app! I am not even going to show any shame that I did this on the treadmill, because today the weather here was lousy and if I’d been outside in howling wind and rain I can tell you now that I’d have been lucky to run 6 miles! It’s a treadmill PB and I’m really happy I have it. So there.

I didn’t set off for a PB. I just wanted to run 6 miles because that’s what my schedule was telling me to do. Our old TV had been playing up so we’d replaced it and, rather than just get rid of the old TV, I’d asked hubbie to put it in the cabin. I rigged up the portable DVD player and set The Matrix to play. I was totally chilled out and unaware of my speed, distance – anything really. If I started to get too close to the front of the running belt I decided I wasn’t going fast enough so I clicked the speed up by half a kph. I started at 9 kph, upped it to 10 kph and ended up on 11 kph for the last couple of kilometres. It was very vague and relaxed, how it should be I guess.

Mind you, I sweated some! My headband was wringable by the end and I had the windows open on the cabin despite it being quite cold here today.

I also ran this from start to finish. I took none of my normal walk breaks. I ran 6km the other day in the same way, no breaks – just straight through – and felt strong, so I thought I’d see what I was capable of today. This was for the Bad Runner Brigade who mock my achievements and patronisingly tell me that I should drop my walk breaks in order to be a ‘proper runner’. What rot! I take walk breaks because I want to, not because I have to and this, BRB, proves it! Go and pick on someone who gives a damn, because this lassie can run!

Once I hit 10k I stopped the treadmill and really I was amazed to see a sub 60 minute time. I had seen 5k go past in 31 minutes so doing the second 5k even faster was a great achievement for me. I’m feeling pretty good about myself just now, as maybe you can tell, and I know that subbing 60 on the road is now totally within my grasp! This was an easy paced run. I wasn’t flagging; I could have gone faster.

My only regret? Leaving Neo and the rest of The Matrix team hanging. Another time guys, another time.

6 thoughts on “Personal Bests

  1. Well done, that sub-60 road time will come soon enough, once you are in the ‘zone’ more PBs will follow – just hope the weather improves soon!

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