It can snow now

That was the best run I’ve had in ages!

As snow reports were showing the snow line approaching I felt it best to get out there this morning. It was dull and overcast when I set off; not very promising at all. As soon as I turned the corner though I realised just how windy it was. A strong and cold north wind was coming straight down the country…straight at me! I’d opted to reverse a route I enjoy to give a try at approaching some of the hills from the other side, just for a change. I’m pleased now that this is how I ran it because although I had the wind on my face early on, it was on my back coming home. There’s nothing worse than running into the wind when you’re tired.

I had set off with the intention of following Jeff Galloway’s Easy 10k app, although I haven’t done it for a while and most of the work I’d done previously was on the treadmill. I didn’t know where to start; if to restart it, carry on from where I’d left off or pick something in the middle. In the end I just chose a run with a distance close to 4 miles.

Unwittingly I’d chose an interval session, one which always shocks me when Jeff announces that we’ll do a set of race pace intervals with a minutes rest in between. Oh fine. Why not! It’s howling a gale, but yes I’ll give it a shot!

And so, whilst battling the wind, I really tried to achieve race pace for 4 minutes at a time. By race pace I think I’am aiming for between 8 and a half and 9 minute mile pace. With the minute walks that should be around a 10 minute mile. Mr Garmin shows that I was a bit slower than that, no surprise really. The huge gap in my time was when I was stopped by a lorry driver asking for directions!

I realised that Jeff’s session was only going to last for just over half of my run – I’d picked a session of just under 4 miles, fair enough, but that included warm up and cool down walks. I decided that once it got to the cool down walk that I’d just change to my ipod and run the last mile or so home as it’s mainly downhill and I knew that I would be wind assisted.

I stopped to do the switch over and for the first time ever I thought that I might be sick. I’d been coughing a lot during the run, probably because of the wind not really allowing me to get a proper breath, and I was feeling pretty rough. I tried to put the thought out of my mind and sipped my water. My iPod fired up to The Pretenders and ‘Chain Gang’ and I was off on the home stretch.

I find music really inspirational and when The Who and ‘My Generation’ started I found my pace quickening. I slowed a little for KT Tunstall’s ‘I Don’t Want You Now’ but then along came Elton. ‘Saturday Night’s for Fighting’ is one of my favourite running songs and as I looked at my Garmin I realised that if I kept up the pace I was running at I’d better my pace for my last 10k, the one I’d just done on a track! I was stoked that even in the wind and going up and down hill I could actually go faster than I had just going round and round. I went for it, finishing my last mile with a negative split and a smile. My fastest pace was 6:53.

Sitting here now the wind has really picked up. It’s beautiful out there – bright sunshine, blue skies, but I’m pleased to be in here and finished. It can snow now!

Avg Pace
Summary 51:34.2 4.75 10:51
1 10:45.8 1.00 10:46
2 11:22.0 1.00 11:22
3 11:11.3 1.00 11:11
4 11:04.4 1.00 11:04
5 7:10.7 0.75 9:34

2 thoughts on “It can snow now

    1. Hi Annelie, actually it’s my 10k time I’m trying to improve. I’m just over 60 minutes now and I’d love to be just under it. I’ve been following the Jeff Galloway system (look through my posts and you’ll see what I’ve been up to) and I’m using his app the 5k version of which I used last year to reduce my 5k time. I’ll get there!!

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