Before it snows…

They’ve been predicting snow here for the last week, but, as usual, nobody has chosen to take any notice – preferring instead to adopt the Chicken Licken stance when it does indeed start to snow. It’s not snowing here and it might not. We are heavily influenced by the Gulf Stream here on the west of Scotland and that tends to make snow light and short lived.

20120403-084845 AM.jpg

Whatever happens I’m heading out this morning to get about 4 miles in. I’d rather run outside in the light rain (as it is now) than run on the treadmill because of heavier rain or sleet. Plus I have a whole rack of housework to do and doing my run first will put me in better fettle for that.

I’m just fuelling up with some porridge and sultanas and I’ve donned my old Asics, just in case the route is wet. It’s been dry here for ages, but the route I’m going to be running tends to flood easily and I think it’s been raining for most of the night.

So, some gulps of tea and I’m off. See you all later!

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