Pains, Paths and Positives

This week I have been holidaying in the English Lake District, just outside the small town of Kendal to the south of the lakes. We’ve often passed through Kendal, but rarely stopped, so pitching camp to the north of the town seemed like a great chance to explore the town and roundabouts.

We were staying at the Camping and Caravan Club site just off the A6. It’s a nice, small site with around 50 pitches, although be warned – some are grass only i.e. without electric. Luckily for us, even though I’d booked a grass only pitch, there was still one hook up available when we arrived.

The weather has been typical Lake District; fine, drizzle, fine, hail, fine, heavy rain – you get the drift! It hasn’t been cold though, just a bit damp now and again! We both brought our running gear with us and finally got a chance to run on Tuesday morning. It was all I could do to convince my husband that we should run before eating the bacon roll breakfast he was intent on having. He seems to think that he has to fuel up before every run. If you could see him you’d realise that he has plenty of onboard fuel and eating more before every run is the last thing he needs! We headed out in overcast, but dry conditions.

As soon as we got out onto the man road the wind hit us. At least it would be on our backs on the way home! We had the luxury of running on a path the full length of the road into Kendal – nothing like what we’re used to back home! Almost immediately hubbie started to complain of a muscular pain across the bottom of his stomach which later seemed to travel down his legs as he rain. He said it was quite sore and had to stop a few times. I was concerned because it sounded like a hernia type pain, but know him well enough not to show my anxiety. I was happy to stop when he needed to rather than make him run through what sounded like bad pain. As it was we weren’t running that slowly, although stopping to cross roads was a bit of a pain in itself. We ran into the town and did the shortest loop I could find for him before heading back up towards the campsite.

The route home was slightly uphill, but with the wind behind us it was fine. As I started on the last mile I could feel myself wanting to run on so I opened up a little, leaving hubbie behind, but close enough for me to stop and administer whatever first aid a hernia stricken patient might need!

4 min run : 1 min run
Lap 1: 10.25/mi
Lap 3: 10:28/mi
Lap 5: 13:35/mi
Lap 7: 12:09/mi
Lap 9: 11:00/mi
Lap 11: 11:42/mi
Lap 13: 11:59/mi
Lap 14: 10:39/mi – I ran on through the walk break

2.85 miles 34:47.19 (12:11/mi)

Positive thing – even though we stopped often for ‘pain breaks’ our pace was still faster than last week’s pace. It’s all good!

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