Addicted to Running

I am officially addicted to running.

And this is why.

A third of a mile into my trail run I tripped, falling headlong onto the gravel and ripping a large hole into my leggings. After checking for damage and stopping my Garmin I stayed down for a while, just making sure everything was OK. My right knee and base of my hand were both badly scuffed and my knee was bleeding, but I wasn’t more hurt than that. I got up and walked around for a while, checking for pain and, apart from my knees and hand, I felt fine.

And here’s where the addiction took over. Looking at my bloodied knees I pulled up my leggings so  that they wouldn’t rub and carried on. That was my baptism.

I decided to do 2 miles, rather than 3. Obviously taking it steadier after falling, I kept checking my body for further injury. As I ran on it became obvious that my right hip had taken a knock as well.

My first mile came in at 10:07 despite my tumble, which was encouraging, but I decided to stick to my 2 miles anyway. Heading home is pretty much all uphill, but I managed that in 10:21, which is fine. Overall, 2.01 miles in 20:32 and two bloodied knees!


6 thoughts on “Addicted to Running

    1. It was at first! You know, in that “I’ve fallen – this is going to be bloody sore” moment!! It was sore as it healed; I couldn’t put weight on it until the scab had disappeared! Almost all gone now though, although I have another scar for my knee collection!

  1. You’ll get used to it as you get older. I’m forever falling and arriving home with dislocated fingers, cracked ribs and torn flesh. My hands have been ripped so much, while stretching out to save myself, that nowadays I nearly always wear gloves. Impressive pictures though!

    1. Gee, thanks Gordon!! That’s something to really look forward to (LMAO)! I have problems with proprioception – finding my balance is a huge issue, which is why I love trail running because it challenges me to find that balance! Last week my chiropractor took one look at my knee and said “Stand on one leg for a minute.” I wobbled about, struggling to do it – can you believe that? So my “treatment” is to practise being a flamingo!! It’ll come…

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