In between the long runs

In between the long runs are the important little runs that are meant to turn me into a speed demon. Emphasis on the word “meant”. Jeff Galloway doesn’t stipulate doing anything other than running for 30 minutes in his half marathon training plan on the in between days, but having followed his Ultimate/Easy 5k and 10k programmes I know that what he really means is do some speed work and run your butt off.

I haven’t got anything preprepared for this; I just go with what I feel is right. I’ve tried to think about how my body works harder on different surfaces and working at faster and faster speeds and what I’ve vaguely come up with is to run one 30 minute run on either the trail or on grass and the other on the treadmill doing speed intervals. I figure that the off road work will strengthen me and the treadmill will give me wings on my ankles.


On Tuesday I went for a trail run with Murphy McSmurphy Superdog. It’s always a pleasure running with him as he enjoys it so much. We ran down through the woods and on to the new road cut by the timber lorries, right to the turning circle they’d made. It made the route slightly longer, about 3.3 miles, but I enjoyed the run. I wasn’t trying to get a good time, but I must admit that I do tend to keep an eye on the pace and, yes, I do try to beat my fastest even if I’m not meant to be trying. I was a long way off it on Tuesday though. I completed the 3.26 miles in about 36 minutes, giving me 11.05 pace.

Today it was raining heavily, but it didn’t really matter. I had a date with Trevor Treadmill. I maybe should have thought about what I was going to do, but I didn’t and just started off with a walk to loosen my muscles off (my hamstrings have been a bit tight) and started off at just 8.5 kph. I did that for 3 minutes and then started cranking the speed up every minute. Once I reached 13 kph I backed off to 10 kph and then walked for 2 minutes before starting the process again. 13 kph was my limit and I knew it. Whereas some days my legs are happy to go faster, today they were filled with lead instead of mercury! After 28 minutes I started my cool down walk. It wasn’t too bad; I covered 4.32 km in 30 minutes which included all my cool up/down walking.

I’m now sitting here writing this, waiting until I’ve stopped sweating before hitting the shower! I’ve got a long run this weekend to look forward to of 6.5 miles. It would be nice to do that in about an hour. Here’s hoping!

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