My prayers to the half marathon training gods have been answered!


About 10 minutes ago I received an email telling me that my guru, Jeff Galloway, has just released a half-marathon training app via LoLo! About 8 minutes ago it appeared, fully purchased, on my iPhone! I am delighted that Jeff, who has helped reduce my 5k and 10k times and got me through my first half last autumn, is going to be coaching me up to the Great North Run. You’ve no idea how reassuring it is to hear his southern drawl, y’all.

I tweeted him @JeffGalloway asking if I was the first to download it. I must have been. Maybe he’ll send me something nice to inspire me along the long road to South Shields in two months time!

Of course this means that my carefully worked out training plan is now in the bin and I will just abandon myself to Jeff’s higher knowledge, starting this weekend. I can’t wait to see what he has in store!

Forgive me, I must rush to my app…

4 thoughts on “My prayers to the half marathon training gods have been answered!

  1. Greetings from the Pacific Northwest of the US – I’ve enjoyed stumbling across and reading your blog.

    I am using Galloway’s “Disney Half” [“DH”] “To Finish in the Upright Position” training plan for another Half coming up later in September. His DH plan is 18 weeks long and I’m going into week 6 (just finished a 6.5 this morning).

    I confess, I’m following his time/mileage plan (3 runs a week – midweek runs ~30 minutes; long runs to the mileage called out on his charts) but feel content to use a R/W of 10:1 on long runs and often will use the same on midweek runs, sometimes taking Tuesday as a 3:1 or 4:1 easy run, sometimes running Thursday as nonstop 3mi run.

    Anyway – I have the 5K and 10K Galloway app, but wondered (since you are a “first adopter”) as to the schedule options and R/W options on the new 13.1 App. The older apps are a little less flexible on changing R/W. You’ve obviously considered changing your schedule to marry up with the app’s schedule. Thoughts on how convenient/inconvenient you’re finding that now that you’ve had a whole day to consider it? [chuckle]

    Best wishes for a good run at the Great North Run.


    1. Hi Eric! It looks like we’re at exactly the same place in the training plan!

      Well, I’m two days into the half marathon program (mid way in!) and I’m hooked. The format is very similar to the 5k and 10k apps. I did the 6.5 mile run on Sunday and today the 30 minute run was exactly that. I didn’t try to alter the r:w ratio though. I have on the other apps, but not from week to week. LoLo, the app maker, might be the best place to ask about doing that?

      Good luck with your half! I’m guessing it’s also on September 16th.

      Julie 🙂

      1. Thanks for the kind reply, Julie! I went ahead and downloaded the app thanks to the kindness of someone who had gifted me a $15 iTunes card. I have yet to use it, but I did my 3 mile ~36 minute mid-week run this AM.

        I am pleased that they included the capability to change R/W outside of the workout mode (select Program and then change the ratio in the settings). While I have a target ratio, I like to have the ability to change the plan based on how I feel when I walk out the door (in my mid-40s, some days feel better than others, and I am recovering yet from an ankle break last year). So that one change was well worth it.

        I’m actually on an 18 week to the race Galloway plan (which you can view at so I get an extra week in your week 8 where my plan calls for a Magic Mile and 7 miles (ugh!). After that it follows the same mileage plan as the app. I am omitting that particular MM time trial because I’m doing a 5K race in week 7 which will give me an alternate proxy for pacing/time trial.

        My race is Sept 23. Whilst I’m using the runDisney Galloway plan, I’m using it for another race (just adjusted the dates).

        I wish you every success in your training and your race and will be interested to hear how you progress! We live in similar climates and are of a similar age, although you may run faster than I do. We are also enjoying a lot of rain here – I was drenched on my 6.5 on Sunday, and wore a stocking cap on today’s run, but it’s par for the course for June. Summer doesn’t really arrive until July and August. Fortunately our Septembers are usually (usually!) the finest days of the year – cool mornings, lots of sunshine.

        You may be interested in this 2006 account of a fellow that used Galloway to a very successful marathon. Read all 3 pages of posts as it’s very enlightening.

        Best regards,


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