Catching up!

Hi there! Here I am, after a weekend away, catching up with my posts. I spent the weekend at nearby Moffat polishing my Alfa Romeo Spider like crazy at the Moffat Car Show. It was a lovely weekend, with beautiful sunshine interspersed with heavy downpours. Typical Scotland really!

Anyway, I had decided that despite being away I was going to do my long run on Sunday evening after the rally. It was dry and warm by then and I had preplanned a route which although I wasn’t familiar with I knew more or less where it went.

I was determined to use my new Jeff Galloway 13.1 app but had left my earphones at home. As I have many, many earphones at home (possibly one for every outfit) I bought a cheap pair from the 99p store, but they were worth slightly less than 99p in my opinion. In fact they were about as useful as a chocolate teapot. The problem was with the jack plug being too loose. I set off anyway and I had tried taping the plug down, but it just kept working loose again and I just couldn’t hear Jeff or the music. I tried carrying my iPhone, holding the jack plug in, but that didn’t work either. In the end I unplugged the earphones and, in trying to find a good place to hold it so that it was both secure and I could hear the music etc., I put the phone under my bra strap. Almost immediately the phone slipped down and nestled happily between my boobs, held snug by the front of my sports bra! It wasn’t going anywhere and I could hear perfectly, so I left it there! I’m not sure what the few people I passed thought as this woman with a musical chest approached them, but it worked!

The route was wonderful, making me really appreciate the place I’ve chosen as my home. Once I’d left the main road (which was paved – I’m just not used to the luxury of a pavement!) I ran mostly along single track roads, obviously rarely used ones. And what a shame that is! The views were spectacular; rolling green hills, gentle rivers bubbling along, lovely houses to peer into (!) and views from the top of hills right across the valley. I loved it.

I loved it especially, I think, because it was new. It was the same old routes I’ve become used to. I had different things to see and experience and that made it all the more interesting. It wasn’t a particularly gruelling course. It had some fairly gentle hills, but nothing drastic. I really couldn’t have chosen a nicer route if I’d tried! I wish I’d taken a few photos to share with you, but I was too busy running!

I did my 6.55 miles in 72:48, giving me a steady 11 minute pace. If I can maintain that throughout my training I’ll be hopefully knocking almost 20 minutes off my last half-marathon time come September.

Today was promising to be gorgeous this morning, with blue skies and sunshine. By 5pm, when I arrived home, it was tipping it down. Not proper rain, but that horrible misty stuff that threatens to drown you. I decided to hit the treadmill whilst I also cooked dinner (I am a woman, I can do these things!) Dinner had 45 minutes to cook, I had a 30 minute run to do!

I altered my app to the treadmill setting and changed the units to metric. My treadmill is in kilometres and it’s easier for me to just do this than try to work out what speed I should be at mid-run. As it happened the app just called for a straight 30 minute run at 10.3 kph which would have been easy enough to work out, I guess! Once I got into my running it was an easy pace and towards the end I really wanted to go faster, but I held back. I ran 4.8 km in 30 minutes, giving me just over 10 minute mile pace.

I’ve been asked about my opinion of the Jeff Galloway app – it’s really too soon to tell, but so far I’ve enjoyed knowing that I have the experience of a well known trainer offering me support and suggestions throughout my run. I liked the 5k and 10k training apps and so buying the 13.1 app was just the next step. It appears to fit exactly with my training plan, which gives me some peace of mind.

My Jeff Galloway Book on Running arrived on Monday morning – bedtime reading for me, much to my husband’s despair!

Bedtime reading for the over 40s?
I’m sure that it could be worse, Mills and Boon perhaps, but there we go.

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