Magic Miles

Last time I wrote I was bestowing the virtues of running in an unfamiliar place. It lifted my spirits and gave me the boost I maybe needed half way through my half marathon training. With that in mind I’m looking forward to the fact that next week I will be running in the gorgeousness that is Kintyre, on the west coast of Scotland.

That will be my view in just a few days….

Anyway, back to this week. I’m on week 6 of the Jeff Galloway training programme and this week asked for Magic Miles. Magic Miles are a gauge that Jeff uses to check pace for the half. My Magic Mile today was 9:40 minutes. That’s not the fastest mile I’ve done by a long way, but I  dutifully followed the pacing Jeff had set. I’m not sure if that was the way it should have happened. On checking Jeff’s website he says that you should run as hard as you can for the middle mile. I ran reasonably hard, but I also easily achieved each sector and was hardly puffing. I honestly think that I could have run it faster. There is a chance to do a Magic Mile later on in the plan and in a couple of weeks I have the Race for Life 5k so I’m not too worried.

My two short runs this week have been on the treadmill, mainly owing to the weather, but also because that was the deal. Both were 30 minute runs, just nicely paced by Mr Galloway at 10 minute miles.

So, I have a day off running tomorrow and then Tuesday’s run will be on the treadmill. After that I will be running with sand between my toes!



4 thoughts on “Magic Miles

  1. Julie –

    Hi again. Saw your Tweet on your long run today – great! I ran yesterday 8.1 in 1:29:06 (11:00/mi) – as I mentioned I have a week inserted now and so when you are running a Magic Mile next weekend I have a 7-miler – then I go back to following your schedule abeit a week behind you.

    It’s good to hear how you are finding the running and the similar pacing. Great job and best of luck as you lengthen the long runs!


    1. Hi Eric

      I was too far away from civilisation to update the blog after my run on Sunday, so I had to write it and upload it just.

      I’m down for 2.5 miles I think on Sunday, but I’ve got a 5k race instead, so I certainly hope to do some Magic Miles!!!

      Great run to you too! Looks like we could be pace mates! I did last years half much slower, just to finish it, but I’m really hoping to maintain the 11 min/mile pace if I can.

      Keep in touch! It’s great to hear how you are getting on!

  2. Fantastic! I think one 5K during this training is worthwhile and could easily replace either a MM day or a mid-week run. I ran one on the 4th (our Independence Day, the Wednesday following my Magic Mile day (8:34)). I thought anything around 29:30-29:59 would be very pleasing, and the various predictors (McMillan, Daniels, etc.) suggested that as a time goal. However, Galloway’s predictor on his website predicted 28:11, which I thought impossible and far faster than any other predictors.

    Anyway, in the event I crossed in 28:00 (9:01/mi) chip timed. Conditions were perfect – flat course, 55 degrees F, sunny at 7AM and a very slight breeze. All the bits that Galloway’s predictors assume (as do all the others, actually). So Galloway’s calculator was the best predictor for that race. I remember at the 1 mile mark hitting my watch at 9:14 and thinking ‘I am way too fast!’ But I just decided to hold my pace and see how I felt at 2 and roughly 2.5 miles. In the end, I felt I might have been able to give a little more (perhaps 5-10 seconds gain if I’d driven harder in the last 600 m) but since this was not my “A” race, I had no desire to get an injury.

    Since doing that, I’ve been seriously rethinking my goals. The typical predictors and Galloway now predict my half down in the 2:10:00 region, but I’m still worried that’s too ambitious, and my course, while not overly hilly, has one particular mile long hill at mile 3-4. Ugh! I don’t do terribly well on hills yet. My original goals have been “to finish” and “to finish in 2:30:00 or better” and these remain my primary goals as a first-ever half (I’ve done some 5k and 10k races). But now with a little over 10 weeks to go yet, I think even with walk breaks, 2:15:00 “might” be possible. So I’ve adjusted plans to think about a race pace goal of 10:24 net (10:00/mi running pace) by running the first mile, then doing a 1:00 walk-to-9:26 run with run pace at 10:00/mi (essentially a 1 minute walk at each mile marker, then run to the next). This is a 2:16:xx finish.

    I suspect you are running a 4/1 or 3/1 ratio, and that your actual running pace in training is far quicker than mine, so depending on your 5K course and conditions, you may be quite surprised. Moreover, not that I know anything, but I think if you can hold 11:00/mi net pacing now for 8 miles out of doors, with the fitness gains made in 9 weeks or so you will be able to do the same for the entire 13.1, assuming conditions are good (no gale force winds or something). And maybe faster!

    Best of luck on the 5K – looking forward to hearing how it all went!



    1. Did you read my last entry on the blog? I’ve more or less said exactly the same as you. I just said to my husband that I was thinking of adjusting to 10:30, rather than 10, to be on the safe side. I want to finish, but the competitor in me wants to finish well!

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