Now that’s more like it!

Magic Miles. That’s more like it! I didn’t set off to do anything other than run this morning, the morning after the day I should have run. I ran yesterday, but only out of time! Such is life. My iPhone had died overnight and so I didn’t have the benefit of Jeff Galloway’s advice as I set off.

I decided to run on the treadmill and do an easy first mile to loosen off, followed by a harder second mile and then finish off fairly fast. My treadmill is metric so my miles happened at 1600m, 3200m and 5000m. I hadn’t thought much about the fact that 3200 +1600 = 4800, not 5000 so initially I was disappointed with my last mile.

What I achieved though was this:

1600m in 10:35 Mile Pace 10:38

3200m in 19:45 Mile Pace 9:13

5000m in 28:55 Mile Pace 8:11

Now, all of this has got me thinking. My Magic Mile is 8:11. Using Jeff Galloway’s Race Predictor that gives me approximately a 10 minute mile pace, not the 11 I’m currently working at. So what do I do? Do I have time to up the pace and aim for 10 minute miles instead of 11? On my 8 mile run I felt comfortable. Was I too comfortable?

I looked back at last year’s half training and I was averaging a 12 minute mile at half marathon distance. I didn’t think 11 minute miles were a huge ask, but maybe I’m asking a little too little of myself.

What do you all think? Am I underestimating myself?

8 thoughts on “Now that’s more like it!

  1. Hmmm – you have an actual 5K race on Sunday, right? I guess I’d use that as your best prediction, unless the course is particularly hilly or conditions are terrible (20 knot headwind, etc.). All the race conditions (jitters, etc.) are present. You could then use various tables to get a predicted HMP and training pace. – go to V02 Max HR and Pace calculator and plug a number for the mile or for your 5K time and get a very nice chart of all sorts of paces and race predictions, based on Daniels

    If I plug your 8:11 into the Galloway predictor, I see 9:49 for race pace and a training pace of 11:38/mi. So if you are comfortable at the 11:00/mi in long run training, why increase that? You are already running faster than “the coach” recommends. But maybe 6 weeks from now the story will be different.

    Great runing, BTW, impressive negative splits!

    1. Thanks Eric! You’re right, of course. I am totally aware that the Great North Run won’t be a PB race – the are just too many people around for that, so I can relax. Sunday’s race is similar in as much as its very crowded. Last year I did the 5k in 30:12 and was delighted. I will be happy to sub 30.

    1. Good luck to you too! My goodness you are very brave tackling a half marathon after 5 weeks of running. The run:walk system would work really well for you, even if you ran 1 minute and walked 1. Take a look at

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