Shoulda Coulda

It’s 9:15 at night and I’m sitting here feeling very, very guilty. I should have run tonight and I haven’t and I’m sorely tempted to just hit the treadmill. I was late coming home, had to ring my folks to thank them for sponsoring me big time for Sunday’s race and make dinner. And now I’m running out of time.

Have I got enough time to run now? If I don’t I’ll be running first thing tomorrow, the day before my race and that’s not good either. Argh!

This is what separates me from better runners. I allow life to intrude on my running! I’ve been told this before and it’s true, but it’s what makes me who I am and I can’t apologise for that!

Maybe I’ll do a few minutes on the mill…


EDIT: What am I doing to myself? It’s Thursday today, not Friday.  I can do my run tomorrow and STILL have a day off on Saturday. Panic over! Carry on everyone!

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