Hydration: Guinness or Tea?

It’s a true dilemma. I’m sitting here rehydrating on copious cups of tea because I forgot to drink my usual pint of water after the party I attended last night. I didn’t drink much at the party because I knew I was running this morning and would need to be on tip top form (ha). I maybe had two or three pints of Guinness, but I woke at 3am needing the loo and feeling dehydrated! How does that work? You’re either hydrated or you’re not! What I should have done was get a drink of water then, but I didn’t. I’m on my second cuppa and I think I’ll need one more once I’ve written this.

I got up at 7 because I’d been going over race strategies for the last couple of hours in my sleep. How sad is that? Today I have the Race for Life 5k for Cancer Research UK for which I’ve raised £120 so far. I rarely run 5k races alone. 5k is the only distance my husband will run so I tend to run those with him at his pace. So I don’t often get a chance to see what it’s like to race at this distance and I think that’s making me a bit nervous this morning. After my super dooper treadmill run in the week I had a less than super run on the grass so I’m left not really knowing where I’m at. I’ve been stressing about whether to run the entire distance at 9 minute mile pace or take walk breaks, as I’ve done throughout all of my training bar a few runs on the treadmill.

I put the kettle on and picked up my iPhone and found Jeff Galloway’s Easy 5k app, looked for Race Day and listened. I heard what I needed. Jeff said take walk breaks early on, get into your stride and then run the last mile. Yes, that’s the answer I needed. I can get my breath sorted (Little Miss Asthma) and then, once I’m in a good place, I can go for it. Its replicating my good treadmill run by starting off easy and gradually building up my pace. The Race for Life last year was my first race since starting running and last year I did it in 30:12. I’d like to crack 30 minutes, but I realise that this is huge event, with many walkers on the course and 1km of grass to cover. I’ll do my best.

So, there you are. I’ll see you all later.

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