Sorting my podgy bits!

Yesterday I blogged that one photo of me had hit the cutting room floor because I looked so damn podgy in it. It was my pre-race photo and, whether it was the vest I was wearing or not, I just looked awful.

I am not a lightweight. Since starting running my weight has dropped by about a stone, but hovers between 10 and a half and  just under 11 stone. I hate dieting and my diet is so restricted by my food choices and allergies anyway that it makes dieting difficult. I don’t eat rubbish; I eat to fuel. I could maybe cut down on portion sizes, but that’s all. I eat proportionately; mostly veg/salad, protein and some carbs, with very little fat, especially saturated. I know how to eat.

What would make a huge difference to my physique would be to get that belly fat away and toned. I’ve been told that it may never disappear, but I’m willing to try.

My son, who is training to be a personal fitness trainer, gave me a freebie ab workout recently, but now expects to be paid for more! What a cheek!! Maybe I should start charging for food, electricity, broadband etc etc! What seems to have passed him by is that HE is the reason why I have podginess; had he have moved into the natural birth position and not decided to be breech and huge, I wouldn’t have needed a Caesarian Section!

My muscle strength may never  totally recover because the muscles have been cut twice now (the second time five years after my son’s birth when I suffered an ectopic pregnancy) and apparently they never properly heal. I don’t know how true that is.

What I have done is download an app for my iPad called Daily Ab Workout by Daniel Miller. In each workout there are ten exercises. You choose the exercise length by adjusting the overall workout between 5 and 10 minutes (which is then divided by 10 to get each exercise duration.) There are  three workouts, each with it’s own set of exercises. I paid 69p/$0.99 for the app (there is a free version to try) which makes it more adaptable. For example, there is a choice to create a routine, focusing on the exercises that you want to use – i.e. the one that are going to work the area you want. It’s certainly cheaper than paying my son!

I’ll try this today, as it’s a rest day and do this at least on my days off running. In the meantime I’m off to my local sports shop in search of a more flattering top!!!

2 thoughts on “Sorting my podgy bits!

    1. Thank you! I only just noticed the full body one when I was finding the link, although with my GNR training and the ab workout I think I’ll be doing enough just now.

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