Fuelling up

After yesterday’s collision with The Wall, I have started to look more carefully at how I eat, especially with longer runs coming up. To be honest I hadn’t really thought about 10 miles being “a long run” which is wrong of me and slightly worrying too! Not so long ago running to the end of the street was a long run, now I’m not blinking at the thought of ten miles!

Anyway, I thought I’d share my food (not literally, more of a etherial moment for you all) and this might help me to be more conscientious. That’s the plan anyway. All my calorific details have been worked out using the wonderful (and free) app called My Fitness Pal.

Breakfast (265 cals)

Boiled egg (from my own bantam hens)

Two slices of gluten free bread toasted and spread lightly with Vitalite (a vegan margarine)


Snack (314 cals)

Mars Bar (I was hungry and in a cafe with no gluten free options!)



Lunch (400 cals)

Green salad with Quorn pepperoni, half an avocado and a spoonful of reduced fat houmous

Gluten free pitta bread


Dinner (458 cals)

Quorn Stew (third of a tin of chopped tomatoes, half a courgette, half a sweet red pepper, field mushroom, 50g butter beans, two Quorn fillets, vegetable stock cube mixed in 400ml water, rosemary and thyme – all simmered in a pot for an hour) 50g brown rice pasta (gluten free) added at the end.

Served with one gluten free pitta bread (I may have overdone the pitta bread today!)

Delicious! But I didn’t eat it all and have about a third left                     – 100 cals


Total so far 1337 calories


I looked up an online Daily Calorie Needs Calculator  and put in my weight/height/age and exercise data. The exercise was based on three times weekly but, as I do some cross training and I’m looking at these longer runs, I upped this to an average 5 times a week.  This told me that I should be looking at between 1800 and 1900 calories a day just to maintain my present weight. I’m obviously falling far short of that.

As I won’t be drinking anything other than grape juice tonight (approx 65 cals/100ml) I can only add another 140 cals for that! I’m still coming up short of even the minimum target. As a dieter in the past I know that I can go over on some days and be under on others, so I’ll keep up with the app and see how it works out. I have to add that I am not losing weight at the moment. My weight varies between 66kg and 68kg and has done for a year. I reached a plateau of about 65kg and haven’t dipped below this, no matter what I’ve done. What I don’t want to do is over eat and end up putting weight on.

It’s a fine line!


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