The Day after the Chiro

This morning I’m a tad sore. Understandably when you think how my poor back was manoeuvred back into place yesterday, albeit by the gentlest of hands. I’m taking it easy, still taking co-codamol even though they seem to upset my stomach and I’m not planning any running today.

I did ask my hubbie to put the exercise bike into the Wee Gym as I may have a few kilometres on that later. I’ll see how it goes.

I’m a big fan of listening to my body, although I realise that running 11 miles on Sunday having cricked my back wasn’t really harking what it was trying to tell me. I’m obviously paying the price now, although how much worse I’ve made it we’ll never know. I suspect that I haven’t added much to the load.

In an effort to lift my spirits Life yesterday sent me my Great North Run number!

20120807-082840 AM.jpg

It was a slightly scary, but welcome sight, making the experience a little bit more real. However, I’ve now started to worry about logistics which those of you who are long term readers will know that I can be OCD about arrangements! We will be staying at Whitley Bay on the weekend of the run, so I need to spend time working out how to get to the start line (I don’t care about getting back!) on time for a 10:40 start. I need to work back to see what time I need together up, have breakfast and get my kit on. I know, it’s August. I have a full month to worry. Dear God.

I would welcome any advice from locals and veterans of the GNR!

One thought on “The Day after the Chiro

  1. The GNR is something on my to do list, maybe next year. It did cross my mind for this year then I left it too late. Good luck with the back injury and the race!

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