Not as bad as I feared, thank goodness!

After my kick back run on Sunday my stiff right ankle became stiffer and stiffer, to the point that I could no longer walk without a pronounced limp. To say I was worried was an understatement. I couldn’t decide exactly where the pain was coming from, which made dealing with it difficult. Depending on what was causing the pain I was to stretch, or not to stretch. Dilemma City!

I tried icing my heel and ankle and used an stretch band to work on the mobility of my foot. I even stopped running in an effort not to make things worse. I haven’t run since Sunday. I wore a heel lift which took some of the pressure off my Achilles, which was sore and worrying me most. I don’t need injuries now, with just two weeks to go before the Great North Run. Yesterday I could no longer deal with the mental stress and rang for an emergency appointment with my chiropractor.

I described my pain; basically it felt as if I had a tight band around my lower leg. I’d been probing and had identified nodes in my calf that were painful, taking my thoughts away from Achilles Tendonitis. My chiropractor listened and then got the baby lotion out.

Oh no, not the baby lotion!

Those of you who have endured a sports massage will understand my fear at the sight of baby lotion! This indicates that the next few minutes are going to H.U.R.T.

And they did.

My chiropractor identified, almost immediately, that my foot was virtually immobile. He thinks that I had somehow jarred it before my last run and, as a result, was running in a compensatory style which caused the rest of the problems. He worked on improving my range of ankle movement, including a few quick adjustments, and then looked at my shins. That’s when I hit the roof. Aside from childbirth, I don’t think I’ve felt pain like that. Needle sharp rips down my leg followed his slippery hands, excruciating but gradually getting easier with every movement. My calves got a similar treatment – just as painful, but I knew that one was coming!

I left with better ankle movement and a lot less pain. My Achilles is slightly swollen, so I need to ice that for 15 minutes a day, but it’s nothing to worry about. Last night my ankle looked puffy, but elevation sorted that out. I still have a less stiff ankle, so I still need to work on improving its mobility and I’m allowed to stretch it out once its warmed up.

So, here I am. I still haven’t run this week so I’m planning an easy treadmill run tonight, just to test it out. Fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “Not as bad as I feared, thank goodness!

  1. Wow – right there with you on the Achilles’ issue – although I’ve self-diagnosed that the pain actually for me is a peroneal tendonopathy – with some inside-of-the-knee pain on that tendon probably due to some wobbliness at the end of the 12.5 mile run. I ran the Tuesday following very slow and only 2.05 miles but was limping until today and did not run Thursday. Today was a MM run which I wasn’t sure I’d attempt at all – I ended up going very slow for 5 minute walk/run warm-up, a very slow mile, and then managed a 9:05 mile (my prior MM’s are 8:34, 8:14; 8:17 and 8:04) and a VERY slow shuffling final mile before a 5 minute cool-out walk. I feel better today, but still not “right.” I’m thinking of taking this week off and just biking an hour Tuesday and an hour Thursday and tentatively have punted on my 14 mile run next Saturday with a plan to run 10 miles easy in order to get a good long endurance run in but not overdo it. Having run 11 and 12.5 mile runs already, I am certain I can go the distance. So I just want to be healthy going in and not lose a bunch of fitness.

    Although earlier MM averaging suggests a ~2:09/2:10 finish, based on my long runs I’m thinking I would be really happy going under 2:20:00, and with this nagging tightness/soreness, finishing such that I can continue training in October in prep for a December 5K is really the only goal.

    What do you think?

    Do you think the new shoes are a culprit with your aches and pains, despite the good ride? I.e., have you done too much without breaking them in?

    Good luck as you approach your 14 miler (if you are going to do it) and your taper weeks! Looking forward to your race report.

    Oh – and really liked the “Beached” painting.



    1. How odd that we both have a similar injury at the same time! This is getting a bit spooky Eric!

      I think you’ll know yourself on the day what pace you can maintain. I’d not worry too much about it. You’ll recover in plenty of time for your other runs, no matter what.

      Yes, I did wonder about my new shoes possibly being to blame. I had about 20 miles on them though before going for 13. I was thinking of running in old shoes tomorrow.

      I am going to run tomorrow. My ankle is totally fine and all I have today is a bit of lower back ache and I suspect that is down to inactivity.

      And thank you – Beached was one I came back to and fixed, so I’m pleased that it’s working at last!

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