The Last Long Run (which was quite short really)

Today saw the my last long run before the impending doom/joy that is the Great North Run, doom or joy depending on which level of hysteria I am currently experiencing.

20120910-095136 PM.jpg

However, long is a bit of a poor adjective for me to use as long, now, is upwards of 13 miles. This was a little, itty bitty 5 miles. Hardly enough for me to break into a sweat.

Had it not been quite so humid maybe I wouldn’t have broken into the sweat I did! I decided to do a trail run. My long (really long) runs have been largely road runs. This, coupled with the fact that the nights are starting to draw in and the weather hasn’t been as sun shiny as it could have been on my running days, has meant that poor Murphy hasn’t been running in quite a while. I felt that today was the day to out that right. Luckily it was fairly dry, although it had poured down all night. To be honest, I was heading out come (insert any weather possible and some not probable.)

I vaguely worked out that two and a bit laps of the castle would give me about 5 miles. To my horror the battery on my Garmin was almost flat so I ran NAKED! Seeing a freckle where you were expecting to see your pace is a tad disconcerting at first, but you soon get used to it! I was determined to run an easy pace anyway so not having my watch to obsess about was probably a good thing.

My ankle was a bit stiff, I must admit. Every now and again I would stop on walk breaks to stretch my legs out a bit. It did help and the discomfort, because it’s not pain, tended to come and go. Possibly running on uneven ground may have helped a bit, causing my foot to move more than running on the road would have. The ground was only really soggy up near the castle where the trees overhang the path, not really allowing the sun in.

Murphy had a great time. I had a great time too, regardless of what I looked like at the end! I managed just over 11 min/mile pace which was what I wanted. Murphy was a total star, running perfectly on the lead when we got to the castle road, which has made me think really hard about entering some Canix events in the future. He wasn’t quite so chuffed when I plonked him in the sink on our return to wash his little belly! The hazards of being a slow-slung hound!

So, that’s me. Two short runs left, one tomorrow I think and one on Thursday and then rest up until Sunday morning! We’re travelling across to the north east on Friday morning, camping at Whitley Bay. I’ve sussed out the Metro and we should be able to get to the start fairly easily, fingers crossed. We’ll test out the route on Saturday just to be sure. I’m really looking forward to meeting people I’ve only ever messaged on Facebook and Twitter.

The only thing I have left to do is organise my gear. The Dogs Trust have sent me a personalised technical vest, but I’m not keen on wearing it. I think I’d rather wear something I’m comfortable in. What I’m considering doing is cutting the donated vest and pinning parts of it to my comfy vest. If that doesn’t work, I’ll just go incognito and enjoy the anonymity!

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