Down at the Quayside with Mo and Greg

Just sat down to write this pre-GNR blog post, when the Red Arrows flew past the caravan. That sort of sums up our day; a mixture of the sublime and the ridiculous. We caught the Metro train into the city this morning, rehearsing tomorrow’s route to the start. It seems easy enough without fifty odd thousand other people trying to do the same!

We made our way down from Haymarket to the Quayside, only to be greeted by a sea of people. Everyone and their granny had come down to see The GNR Games and celebrity spot. We’d planned to meet friends at the Pitcher and Piano, which was mobbed. I’m not quite sure how I managed it, but I spotted Zoë’s mum, Joan, sitting outside having only ever seen her in a Facebook photograph! Prior to today I’d met none of my Facebook running friends in person. Ours was a virtual relationship and I said to Zoë when she arrived that it was like online dating!

It was far too busy for us, with Murphy, to venture across the Millenium Bridge so our viewing was restricted to watching the large screen across the river, although I did mosey on down to the end of the bridge to watch Mo Farah racing. I took a couple of photos, one blurry one of Mo in the distance and an excellent one of a bald spectator’s shiny bonce! The route was packed and, unfortunately, just as we all positioned our cameras, a TV camera arrived on the back of motorbike and parked right in front of us. I did get to see long jumper Greg Rutherford closer up, but didn’t get my camera out in time! Useless!

I briefly met a longstanding Facebook friend and supporter, Paul Smith, whose tales of his Ron Hill inspired run streak (which now runs into the 2000s) entertain us on FB daily. He is chaperoning celebrity Olympic sprinter Iwan Thomas tomorrow and I think it’ll be a fast race for him! Unfortunately it was just too busy and there was too much going on for us to properly catch up. That’ll have to wait for another time.

So, how do I feel? I have just over 12 hours before the start and I’m actually quite calm. I’ve eaten sensibly, cooking a meal in our little caravan which sits on the cliffs overlooking the North Sea. I made a Quorn, chickpea, potato and pea curry and served it with with Thai rice. Nothing too spicy, just very mild. We’re sitting here watching Strictly Come Dancing. I’m that relaxed!

Tomorrow morning I plan to have toast and jam. I’ve bought Lucozade Sport Isotonic drink for the race, despite the fact that there will be Powerade available. I know that I’m ok with Lucozade so I’m sticking with it. One bottle should see me through. On top of that I have SIF gels to take at miles 4, 7 and 11 and Dextro tablets if I need them. Post-race I have soya milkshakes and a Mars Bar in my bag; I’m taking no chances!

I’ll sign off now and check my kit bag for tomorrow. I just need to know that everything is there, my Garmin and iPhone are charged and that there is nothing left to do. Adios amigos!

4 thoughts on “Down at the Quayside with Mo and Greg

  1. Too excited to wait for your race report – checked the results – you’ve got to be happy with that! Way to go 39770!

  2. Lucozade Sport, SIF gels, dextrose, Garmin, iPhone? Strewth, Ron Hill never used anything like that. The odd sip of water maybe!
    Hope you did ever so well and really enjoyed the experience. Looking forward to your report.

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