Smelly Kit


I hate that my kit can sometimes smell as if I’ve not bothered to wash it after a run, so I investigated some options.

Option 1

Throw everything away and start afresh (literally), buying a new outfit for every run.

Option 2

Throw everything away and start afresh, washing kit immediately after a run.

Option 3

Go through all my kit, sorting out the smelliest and search the internet for a solution.

As much as options 1 and 2 are appealing to me, my semi-silent coach hid the credit card when I mentioned them. So I was left with option 3.

The most frequently punted idea was to soak the offending items in a mixture of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, a good old fashioned idea. I didn’t know how much of each so I resorted to trying 1 tablespoon of soda and a capful of vinegar to a basin of water. I soaked my kit for an hour before putting it in a normal hour-long wash in the machine.

The result? Well I appear to have a load of gloriously smelling kit, which is presently tumbling dry (I apologise for not being environmentally friendly and hanging these on the line. I live in Scotland. It rained.)

I’d be glad to hear from anyone who has another method that works!


2 thoughts on “Smelly Kit

    1. Internet research has suggested (how posh do I sound?) that starting with a quarter cup of soda and white vinegar is the place to start, just adding it to the washing machine and upping the quantities until the smell has gone. It’s certainly cheaper than the expensive specialist washing liquids. Good luck!

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