A Diary Full of Nothingness

20121005-080314 PM.jpg

It struck me today, as I drove home from work, that I appear to be aimless. After months of training every other day and having my runs dictated by an app, I’m feeling a bit lost. As a result I ran only on Sunday and again on Thursday morning, but that’s it.

Admittedly I’ve been busy at school, working until very late and coming home to cook dinner before my family starve. Running has taken a back seat. I have two weeks off school coming up so I think some intensive training might be the thing to get me feeling like a runner again.

I’ve entered The Jedburgh Festival of Running’s 10k on the 28th. I was toying with entering the Half, but decided against it mostly because I’d have to leave my semi-silent coach waiting for me for over 2 hours in a small town! He’d be bored silly. An hour is fine – walk the dogs, go for a coffee and then there I am crossing the finish line. I’ll be using Jeff Galloway’s 10k app to get me through the race, but I think I’ll go back a bit and do a few weeks of training. It would be really nice to sub 60, although last year I could only manage 66 minutes, after doing 64 in Dumfries. Jedburgh is not a PB race. I would like to improve on last year’s time though.

So this is my next focus. I don’t have the time for anything else before that, no matter how tempting other races sound. I have commitments. End of story. I need to work out where to start on my programme and fill my diary in!

20121005-081200 PM.jpg

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