12 miles later…

Well, what a joyful run that was! The weather was perfect for running; calm, cool and dry. I took no chances and took my inhaler before leaving and tucked it into my waist pack. I set off along a well known route, following the coast. It’s a fairly flat route, as they go. I was determined to take it easy from the off. No silly pace, just steady running, I just wanted 12 miles under my belt. That was all.

I was expecting to be a bit stiff and sore after the intervals I’d been doing this week, but instead I felt energised. I was running easy. As I ran it struck me that this was the first time since running the Great North Run that I’ve felt really good about a long run. I felt as if I could run another half, today. It was a great feeling, knowing that I am at that stage in my running that I could just do a half marathon whenever I wanted! It might not always be a fast race, but I know I can more than cover the distance.

Another difference today was that I was on my own. My husband had gone with friends to a car show, leaving early this morning and, at 7pm, he’s still to return. I’ve been able to choose when and what I’ve done today, without having to worry about what everyone else was doing and it’s a very liberating feeling! I had initially planned to do my run this morning and changed straight into my running gear after getting up. However, I faffed about getting the washing done and ended up having a light lunch before setting off. It didn’t really matter. I don’t often have this freedom.

My miles zipped past. I started off by dividing my run into quarters, effectively running four 5ks. It seemed no time at all before I was making the half way turn. By then the sun had emerged from behind some heavy looking clouds and it was warming up. The road was fairly busy today and, generally speaking, on-coming drivers acknowledge my wave of thanks when they pull across onto the other side of the road. Many happily wave, which is lovely. I get some stern stares occasionally, which says more the drivers than it does about my running and today I experienced a hot-head in a hot-hatch who thought it hilarious to cut as close to me as he could whilst blasting his horn. Clearly he was compensating for something and, apart from a two fingered salute, I let it go. A sad little boy who, in all likelihood, only gets his exercise when running for the bus, or from the police!

Apart from a couple of slower miles, when I was running uphill, my pace was fairly constant:


I’m happy with that. I hit 3.11 miles at 33.04 and 6.2 miles at 1:07:53.

My fueling also worked perfectly. I had sips of my drink alone after mile 3 up to mile 6. After that I started taking a dextrose tablet on every third walk break. At no time did I feel that I was lacking in energy. The Dextro tablets cost just 75p a packet and take up less room than a gel. Admittedly I took maybe 4 tablets, but on the Great North Run I took 3 gels! If dextrose is sufficient, it might be a good idea to stick with it.

My kit was perfect, although my waist pack felt back heavy initially. Once I’d started drinking it got lighter.

I’ll have a rest tomorrow, although I need to do my core exercises, and run again on Tuesday. I’m on holiday from school so hopefully it’ll be another outdoor, smile on my face run!


2 thoughts on “12 miles later…

  1. You know you’re a runner when you have the assurance you can go out and run a ½ marathon anytime you feel like it – without any fear of not completing it. I think you’ve reached that stage!

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