This week has been one of trying new things. Don’t panic, I’m not about to reveal anything unsavoury. In an effort to reduce my 10k times I’ve been following Jeff Galloway’s Easy 10k app, jumping in towards the end and syncing the whole thing with my upcoming race at Jedburgh. As I’ve said, Jedburgh is not a PB course, but I would like to beat last year’s time. And then some.

This week has seen me doing tempo runs and interval training, sorry people but, all on the treadmill. It’s dark here now by half 6 and I can rarely get out before that. Early morning runs are similarly marred and I don’t have any choice but to run on the road as we have no paths. The trails I run on would be treacherous in the dark. So the treadmill is my winter training friend.

The interval training was a bit of a revelation. I’d started this app before doing my Great North Run training and found the interval speeds hard going. Not so this week! Yes, it wasn’t easy, but I also wasn’t running myself into the ground and having to stop, like I was before. I had limited time so I only managed 12 of the 18 400m intervals on Thursday, finishing off the last 6 on Friday. All good stuff.

Today I’m down for a long run of 12 miles, rather excessive perhaps for 10k training, but I’m looking forward to it. I am wearing my Jedburgh kit, checking it out before the day (I have my sensible head on), I’m trying SIS electrolyte juice as it comes in dry powder form and is easier to carry than bottles of juice when I’m away from home and I’m putting my iPhone in my waistpack instead of on my arm (I’ve been suffering from friction burns and would like to avoid them). I have no gels! Instead I have Dextro tablets to take every 15 minutes after an hour and, if the worse comes to the worse, good old fashioned Kendal Mint Cake!

My bag of stuff; my SIS drink, a gel plaster, some paper towel, dextrose tablets, Kendal Mint Cake, my inhaler and my lucky ‘BOOM’ penny found on a previous run. I’m good to go.

I’m not aiming to do the fastest 12 miles ever. I’m going out for a nice run in the Autumn sunshine, once the sun decides to come back out from behind that massive cloud.

I’ll see you later and let you know how it went!


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