Autumn Trails

There really isn’t anything better than off road running on a sunny Autumn day. Really, there isn’t. The sun is low and spills through the ever-increasing gaps in the tree tops, sparkling with a leaf induced orange glow. I really don’t care how long I take on such days. My Garmin is simply a piece of jewellery, logging my distance.

After completing our Sunday tasks, my semi silent coach and I reversed roles and I took over the training again. I am not, however, semi silent. Did I hear him mutter “More’s the pity?” I hope not! As I mentioned earlier, my hubbie is not a fan of trail running. It’s hard work and demands much more of your lower legs and core. He much prefers a nice easy run on a path. Oh well. We don’t always get what we want.

We took Murphy dog, who has been accompanying us on all of our recent runs. He has had to get used to running on the lead through the parks, which is great practice for both of us as I’ve been planning starting racing with Murphy at Canix events. Usually Murphy runs free so I have been surprised by how well he is running at the end of a lead, save for one disaster on our last run when he decided it was time for a ‘bear stop’ in the middle of a run interval and was left being dragged along at the end of his lead before I noticed! He looked like one of those toy dogs on wheels!

Get the picture?

Once we’d warmed up we set off at a steady pace (11 min/mile) for our first run interval. I have to say 11 min/mile pace on the trails we run on is respectable. The trail consists mostly of either rocks or mud, take your pick. It’s not a nice easy surface.  You respect the trail because if you don’t it will literally trip you up, or worse!

At times the trail slowed us to a walk as we tried to get through slippery and deep mud, but generally speaking we managed to maintain 11 min/mile pace when running and, at times, even faster finishing with a last lap at 9:46! Admittedly this was on the tarmac as we headed away from the castle.

All in all we did 2.28 miles in 28.01, averaging 12:17 pace and at the end I looked like this:


And Murphy looked like this:


Poor Murphy.

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