I am the Personal Trainer, listen up!

My poor husband.

This week saw us recommence his 5k training in preparation for the Bupa Great Winter Run. The GWR takes place in Edinburgh on January 6th and sees us climb the long extinct volcano at Arthur’s Seat. It was his first race last year and, at the time, I daren’t tell him that the race involved a 2 km climb! This year he knows what to expect and has even requested some hill repeats in his training!

I promised that as soon as I’d finished the Jedburgh 10k we’d start and start we did on Wednesday with a 2 mile run around Dumfries. It was dark by the time we both arrived home and, with nowhere to safely run here in the countryside, we drove the ten miles into town to run on the well lit paths. I chose a route we’ve used before around a park largely only used by dog walkers at that time of night. It’s generally well lit, but unfortunately a couple of the lights weren’t working which made running a little more interesting, to say the least! The park runs alongside the River Nith and a circuit of it gave us just under a mile.

I set my Garmin to beep at 3 minutes and 1 minute, using this to signal run and walk intervals. Other that that we just ran steadily. Using this we averaged out at a steady 13:25 minute mile pace. Considering that the last time my husband ran was in June I didn’t think that was too bad!

On Friday my hubbie came up to Dumfries and met me at my gallery. We set off from there, using the walk across the river to warm up. We decided to run a longer circuit less times, but still using the 3:1 run:walk ratio. I knew almost straight away that our pace was faster, although as it was dark I couldn’t easily see my Garmin and I didn’t want to keep putting the light on!

This time we ran along the west side of the river, across a suspension bridge (always interesting when other people are on it!) and through Dock Park. A shorter circuit, using a second suspension bridge, gave us just over 2 miles. On checking our pace this morning I was right to think we were a little faster than the previous time. On average the pace evened out to 12:30 minute miles, that’s a good minute per mile faster.

It’s a lovely day today, a proper Autumn day, and I’ve convinced my hubbie that a trail run would be wonderful. He’s not known for his love of trail running, but, now that he knows just how tough the GWR is, I think he’s happy to let me push the boundaries a tad.

To maintain my own distance running I’ve decided that I’ll run again tomorrow. I don’t work on a Monday (Sunday and Monday are our weekend as we both work on a Saturday) so it seems ideal to make use of that extra day and not let my role as PT interfere with my own fitness.

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