What to Do, What to Do!

The cry of a woodland bird or a half marathon veteran? Well, they are pretty much the same sound. Having completed a 5k, a 10k and a half marathon, guess what? Yes, I am considering training for a full marathon. I know that I said that I didn’t have time. I know that I said that running a half was sufficient and that I could never see myself running a marathon. I know all of that, but last night it struck me – I need a focus. A new goal.

I blame Runner’s World. I was reading it last night and there, in front me, appeared an ‘easy’ marathon training programme for beginners, which didn’t actually look that bad. It only goes up to 20 miles, which does worry me, so I might look at other plans (Jeff Galloway’s especially) but it’s possibly achievable.

Whilst I make up my mind I’ve ramped up my half marathon app by LoLo and Jeff Galloway to the improve option and set it for 10 min/mile from the 11 it was set at for the GNR. Today I did Day 1 which involved attempting Acceleration Gliding for the first time. Gliding is meant to be done on a hill, accelerating down it and using the momentum gained to improve overall speed. It’s a gentle way of doing intervals. I did it on a treadmill which proved to be a bit tricky.

The makeup of the workout was as follows:

5 minute walk to warm up

3 min ‘jog’ at 10.3 kph

4 cadence drills (30s at 10.3 and 12.2)

4 acceleration gliders (10.3 gliding up to 11.5 and on to 12.2)

1 mile run at 12.2 kph

3 minute walk to cool down

Basically I did what I was told. The gliders went up in speed quickly, which was difficult for the treadmill to cope with, and had a minute walk in between them, which the treadmill had barely slowed down for before I was running again! I’ve tweeted Jeff to ask for advice on how to do the gliders on the treadmill; it would be nice if he or one of his minions replied, but in the meantime I will carry of anticipating the changes. It felt pretty good despite the clunkiness of the gliders; I think glider is maybe not the most appropriate noun for what I am doing at the moment!

So, there we are. Things to think about, new things to try!

4 thoughts on “What to Do, What to Do!

  1. I thought you might get around to thinking about a marathon eventually, like most new runners do, and like I did! Marathons are as much a mental challenge as a physical one, so you’d better start training your mind!

  2. Happy Christmas and – what’s the greeting for Hogmanay? Anyway – good for you considering the 26.2!

    Love the directional snowflakes!



    1. A Merry Christmas and Happy Hogmanay to you, Eric! Yes, it’s there loitering in my little brain, the thought of finishing a marathon. I’m not committing myself until I’ve looked at the training programme and how feasible it is for someone with two jobs and a family!

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