Fitting in Short Runs

As we approach Christmas (and thank you, by the way, WordPress for my snow! <if you read this after the festive season, there was snow…honest) fitting in any running is becoming increasingly difficult.

This week we resorted to running the third of a mile length of the village which is lit by street lights enough times to get 2 miles out of it. Incredibly boring running, but running nonetheless. Needs must!

Today is our only day off together and, in an ideal world, should be a long, easy run day. In truth it will end up being a short, just fitted in run as we are trying to get our house looking slightly more finished looking. Having just dismantled a chimney and put up Christmas lights, we are now about to fit a kitchen cupboard and erect a spare bed, whilst moving furniture around the house like one of those sliding puzzles!

I’ve been researching marathon training. I bought Jeff Galloway’s marathon book and set this against my diary. There is no way I will be marathon ready for the Blackpool marathon in April. I worked out that I would have to start today on week 9, an 11 mile run, and, not having run any decent distance for a month or more, that would just be silly and begging for injury. So, if I am going to do this marathon, I need to look at doing one later in the year. At the moment the Loch Ness Marathon is high on my list, although I’ve heard that it’s a toughie and the flat nature of the Blackpool 26.2 was seemingly ideal for my first try. I’ll keep looking, but would appreciate any ideas for marathons which aren’t too far away from south west Scotland! I think I might do the Blackpool Half though. In fact, there are many half marathons beckoning from the events guide of Runner’s World! If I don’t end up doing a full marathon then maybe this could be the year of multiple 13.1s!

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