You can tell it’s nearly Christmas…

…when my updates become once weekly, if you’re lucky. Apologies.

If I’m perfectly honest that’s because I’m not up to much, running wise. I’m working six days a week and when I get home it’s too late to think about gearing up for a trip into town. My weekly mileage has been pretty pathetic recently. I use Daily Mile to log my miles and looking back I can see what difference the dark nights have had. In October I was running between 15 and 25 miles a week, which has gradually declined. One week in November I managed a grand total of 2 miles!

I really didn’t know what to do about this. I’ve thought about taking my kit to the gallery and running around town before coming home. That wouldn’t help with training up my husband – he often finishes after me and isn’t often in town. My day off is so packed full of all the jobs I can’t do during the week that, like last Monday, I was running at sunset!

Yesterday I came up with an answer.

A runstreak!

Generally speaking I’m not keen on running every day. I believe that my body needs a day to repair and relax. However I have set limits. For my runstreak I will run every day this week for at least 15 minutes. Most of the time I envisage this happening on the treadmill. On finishing I will cycle the equivalent distance on my exercise bike and finish off with my Daily Ab Workout, if I have enough time. I know 15 minutes doesn’t sound much, but that’s 15 minutes pure running time (i.e. not including getting changed, warming up, cooling down and showering.) In reality 15 minutes running can easily become an hour’s worth if you include all the faff.

I started my runstreak yesterday. I did a pyramid interval run, starting at 9kph and climbing to 12kph and down three times. It was a good workout and, if I’m honest, it was tough at the start. I’ve lost some of my speed running with my hubbie and this is a good way of getting it back. My husband ran after me yesterday (not literally – he wouldn’t catch me if he tried!), complaining about the width of the treadmill belt, but he did his 15 minutes whilst I pedalled and crunched.

This morning I feel good! Normally I would be sitting here trying to work out when I could fit in a long run on my only day off, but today I’m not worrying. I did 2.5km yesterday. If I can do at least that every day by the end of the week I will have run over 25km by Christmas Day, which is over 15 miles. If I feel good and have time, I’ll do more.

Screen shot 2012-11-22 at 8.12.34 AM


And hopefully, come the big day, I’ll look slightly more svelte than Santa here!


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