The Streak #2


Yes, I’m still bright and cheery. Despite not running until gone 6 last night and not eating until past 7 (we usually eat at 6ish) I’m still happy with the idea of running every day. I was still doing paperwork when hubbie arrived home and after I’d finished hubbie decided that he would run first. That meant that I would have to cycle and do my core exercises first, then run and leave preparing dinner to my kitchen challenged husband.

I rode a decent 3 km in 8 minutes and then did my 10 ab exercises before standing around a bit waiting for hubbie to get to 2.5 km. He achieved that in a reasonable 18 minutes, running mostly at 9.5 kph, which he would never have attempted last year.

I decided to just run my 15 minutes, rather than look for distance. I was hungry and, if I’m honest, worried about my kitchen and my meal. Admittedly hubbie only had to put the peas on and heat up two frozen packets, but still.

I ran at a fairly steady 11kph for most of the 15 minutes, far easier than yesterday, and hit 2.7 km. I was happy with that. Running on the treadmill means that I can happily ditch my walk breaks and concentrate on upping my speed. Managing anything under 9 min/mile pace is great!

Will I change anything tonight? Well, first I’ll make sure dinner is ready. My husband couldn’t find any peas and my macaroni cheese packet supposedly didn’t have any microwave instructions, so we were having (emergency) tinned carrots and he was guessing the timing on my meal. He didn’t think to look in the freezer for the peas and, apparently, must have had his hand covering the macaroni timings when he was checking “the entire packaging”. This is why I am so busy at home!

Roll on day 3!

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