The Last Post

Here I am on New Year’s Eve 2012, bracing myself for 2013.

2012 – such a year!

  • I’ve continued to beat personal bests at all distances from 1 mile to 13.1 miles.
  • I ran my first Great North Run, in a very respectable time, along with 40 odd thousand others.
  • Every race I’ve run before I improved on this year.

So 2013 has much to live up to.

I’m currently planning my racing year, avoiding big races as much as possible, and concentrating on doing more for less. Entering races is a costly business and, as much as I enjoy racing, I have to think about balancing the books!

Today I did my last run of 2012. I ran with my semi-silent coach come reluctant running husband at his improving pace for exactly 20:13 minutes, inspired by my running friend Paul Smith who had just run 20:12. One run for the old year, the other for the new one.

So, I’ll leave you there, with grateful thanks for your support during 2012 and wishing you all a very energetic 2013!

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