Running in a Winter Wonderland

This morning it snowed.

My route, 6 miles of sleet and snow!

My first reaction was “shit” – I was due to do a 6 mile run but, if I’m honest, I was delighted to get outside despite the snow still falling heavily. I had worn my Nike trail shoes for some extra grip, despite the fact that I’ve not run that far on the road with them on, and they actually felt very similar in support to my Ghosts. Apart from my niggly left calf/Achilles, I felt great.

I stopped to talk to these lovely horses, who then ran alongside me for the width of their field.

The conditions slowed me down a bit, but apparently not that much. I had to slow down on some downhill sections that felt a bit dodgy and to say hello to the horses (well, you have to, don’t you?),  but at the rest I just trudged away ignoring the bemused looks on driver’s faces as they pulled across the road to avoid me.

I ran out along the shore road, thinking that it would be quieter traffic wise, and turned at 3 miles to head back in. I didn’t actually notice my time when I hit the stop button on Gary Garmin and so was pleasantly surprised to see that I’d run 10k in 65:45. It didn’t feel fast or strained, but that time is comparable to my 10k race time in 2011, just a couple of minutes slower than last year’s time.

A great start to my training anyway!

Nothing better than having some vague tree giving you the thumbs up on the way out!
Nothing better than having some vague tree giving you the thumbs up on the way out!
6.00 mi
Avg Pace:
10:58 min/mi
Elevation Gain:
104 ft
679 C


Breakfast : Porridge with banana and many cups of tea

Powerade Drink at 3 and 5 miles


Groovestar NZ base layer

Reebok Waterproof Running Jacket

Xcelerate Long Running Tights

Crane Knee Length Compression Socks

Nike Alvord trail shoes

Asics waist bag/drink holder

Crane reflective dayglo vest

2 thoughts on “Running in a Winter Wonderland

  1. Nice run. Its just started snowing here, I think it should be ok tomorrow. Probably wont stop the town from grinding to a halt though.

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