Yes, I have a cold.

I’ve been trying not to share it, least of all with you, my running friends. On Thursday I had to cut my run short because my head just wasn’t in the right place and did 4.5 km instead of 6.5. My ab workouts have been all out of sync, with me not doing any one day and then doing two the next to make it up. Today I don’t feel like doing any and I don’t think I did any yesterday either. I can’t remember.

Today was meant to be Long Run Sunday, but it wasn’t. Although I do feel better than I did yesterday and the day before I didn’t think it worth trying to do my long run today. Instead I elected to leave it until tomorrow when, hopefully, I’ll feel even better! I have 7.5 miles to do.

The only issue might be the snow which, so far, has largely missed us here in Dumfriesshire. The forecast says to expect snow tonight, Monday and Tuesday, so I might get a chance to try out my cheapo Lidl/Aldi snow grips (not Yaktrax) if that’s right!

In the meantime I’m heading to the medicine cupboard again for another Lemsip!

2 thoughts on “At-choooooooooo

  1. Don’t seem to get colds nowadays, but I still have a wonderful excuse for not running today. The snow is too deep! And by the look of my weather radar you’ve got some up there now too. Hope you’re feeling better.

    1. This is my first cold in ages, so I can’t moan, but thank you for your good wishes. I do feel better today and managed a 7 mile run this morning. We still have no snow here. A tiny scattering this morning and that’s all. We don’t often have snow – benefits of the Gulf Stream!

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