Running on Empty

After posting yesterday about how poorly I was feeling, I actually started to feel better yesterday evening. This may have had something to do with the Max Strength Cold and Flu tablets I was overdosing on or perhaps the red wine I was drinking alongside this, but I felt better. So this morning I laced up and set off for my long run of 7½ miles. It had snowed lightly overnight, nothing like what we were expecting to wake up to, and by the time I set off it was sleeting lightly and the snow covering had cleared. It was still cold and windy and wet, but I’m made of sterner stuff and I really needed to get out in the fresh air for an hour or so.

I followed the gentle encouragements of Jeff Galloway and his magical 13.1 Half Marathon app on my iPhone. The 7½ miler was the last run of week 3 and I really think that the combination of interval training, threshold running and long easy runs is making a difference. In any case having Jeff’s drawl telling me when to walk, when to run and the beat synched songs keeping my pace constant is a winning formula for me. I really can’t recommend Jeff’s methods enough, although I realise that they won’t suit everyone.


The run wasn’t unpleasant. I had moments when I felt wonderful and the ground just melting away under my floating feet. And I had moments when I felt like I was running uphill on jelly. Most of the time I just plodded away, getting the job done. I surprised myself by running the four minutes of elevated pace easily on each run interval. I think I had to pull up slightly early twice towards the end when I was starting to run out of energy. I was happy to get the run done, but the beast in me wanted it done with around an 11 min/mile average.

Time: 1:23:25
Moving Time: 1:22:18
Elapsed Time: 1:23:46
Avg Pace: 11:07 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace: 10:58 min/mi
Best Pace: 8:30 min/mi

I managed just over the 11 min/mile, which is fine. From the turnaround point on I had the wind blowing snow/sleet into my face so picking my pace up was tough, although I did give it a go at mile 6. I made 5k in 33 minutes, 10k in 67 minutes and managed the full 7½ miles without blowing my nose or having a coughing fit. Which, for me today, is a major achievement!

It’s now snowing again and I’ve got my fingers crossed for at least a foot’s worth. At least.

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