And then came the Quo!

One thing I’ve noticed, as I plod along on my long runs, is that certain songs are better to plod to. Today was one of those hard, slogging run days that I needed certain songs to push me along. When I left the house, in the bright sunshine, I had no idea how much I would need the mighty Quo.

I chose a simple route, down to the shore and along the coast road for 4.5 miles, turning and coming back. What I actually chose was 4.5 miles of purgatory and 4.5 miles of hell. In all honesty I don’t think it would have been better which ever route I’d picked!

The only constant about the weather was that it was windy. 38 mph windy, to be precise. And that is classed as a gale. Apparently. On top of that it was mostly raining…horizontally. Perfect running weather then!

By the start of the second mile the only thing on my mind was actually keeping running for the entire four minute interval. On the way out the wind was blowing directly on to me and it was like running in porridge. I stopped looking at my Garmin when it was showing 13 min/mile pace. That’s soul destroying after all my hard work.

And then came the Quo.

The pumping guitars heralded the start of “Caroline” and I immediately slipped into pace. My running improved and seemed easier. Not by much, but every little helps! By the time I hit mile 4 I wasn’t sure whether to laugh hysterically or cry. I was cold, wet through and tired of fighting the wind.

And then came the Quo.

“Hold You Back” bounced into my ears and once again my pace quickened and I became more determined to get to the turn around. Mostly I was managing my 4 minutes of elevated running, usually I would stop within seconds of Jeff Galloway’s announcement to “start walking”.

The run home was easier, but I was very tired after battling with the wind for 4.5 miles. With the wind behind me I could keep up a reasonable pace. The Quo gave me one last song to spur me on home. “Roll Over Lay Down” was appropriate, I suppose, for the last leg! That was exactly what I felt like doing! Wearily I finished the 9 miles in 1:37, giving me a superb average pace (in the circumstances) of 10:55 min/mile pace. I was hoping to get below 12 min/mile pace, so being a full minute faster was excellent.

I’m tired now, that’s for sure. I feel as if I’ve run twice as far.

Here’s a link to my Garmin data. Feel free to add me as a friend if you are on Garmin Connect.



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