Skechers GoRun Minimal Trainers – a mini review

I don’t really don’t do reviews to be fair, but tonight I ran in my bargain new trainers and thought I’d update you on how it went!

Skecher have recently brought out the GoRun2, an updated version of the trainer which I have bought. As a first venture into minimal footwear I didn’t want to spend a fortune, especially if “barefoot” running didn’t suit me. I’ve always run in well cushioned running shoes, Asics initially and latterly Brooks, so venturing into minimalism was a bit of a leap in the dark. Luckily for me Skechers replacement shoe has meant that the first GoRun is now available at a knock down price. I bought mine from The Original Factory Shop for a bargaintastic £28. Can’t say fairer than that.

Let’s first look at the shoe.

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It’s lightweight, weighing in at just 4.9oz (women’s version; the men’s is slightly heavier at 6.9oz). The shoe top is Scotguarded and the sole is made from an injection molded compound called Resalyte. The bottom of the shoe is curved and the heel has a 4mm lower heel drop than traditional shoes, encouraging a mid to toe strike – a more natural running style. The inside of the shoe contains an integrated anti-microbial sockliner called Ortholite so that you can run sock free.

And they look pretty funky, with a range of colours available. I didn’t have a great deal of choice though. Basically it was black, but you did get two laces in the box, black ones and pink ones. I had to go for pink!

The lack of a heel was a bit disconcerting at first and walking to my gym room felt a bit strange. However once I started running I didn’t notice the lack of heel at all. I felt that it was more sensible to try the trainers for the first time on the treadmill, rather than out on the road.

I ran 7km of intervals on the treadmill and felt as if I was running in slippers! The shoes were supportive and grippy, but not clumpy or awkward. I ran easily and I’m guessing with mid-fore foot strike and I didn’t notice the lack of heel cushioning. I’ve suspected for a while that I may be a natural mid foot runner, so this wasn’t a huge surprise. I’ve been experiencing some calf pain, possibly Achilles, recently and after this run – nothing, not a twinge.

Short story is, I like them. I actually like them a lot and I can’t wait to see how they perform on a longer run and out on the road. I’ve long been hankering after a more barefoot feel and these shoes are good route into the whole experience.

6 thoughts on “Skechers GoRun Minimal Trainers – a mini review

  1. I really don’t know what to make of minimalist shoes. I’m not a heel striker and I make a point of using a forefoot strike. So I don’t know if I would get any benefit?

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