Getting towards the End of the Road

This time last week I was writing about upping my distance, running into unknown territory and the feelings that running without the security of the technology that I rely so heavily upon stirred up. This week almost ended the same way. Having spent yesterday at my gallery, I discovered this morning that I’d left my treasured iPhone there, sitting on the window sill, still trying to get a signal.

Once the feeling of mini-panic had passed I realised that as I was planning to run intervals on the treadmill (the local track is still snowbound) I could download the app again only this time onto my iPad and use that instead. Ain’t technology great?

As it happens the iPad worked as well, if not better, than the iPhone. As it is bigger I could sit it up further from the treadmill and still see and hear the speed changes. After a warm up, I started with a 10 minute slow run at 9.7 kph. Then came four acceleration gliders (working between 9.7 and 10.3 kph) and then 12 x 800m intervals at 11.3 kph with 3 minute walk breaks separating them.

That was the plan.

I did 4 x 800m at 11.3 kph and started to feel tired. Bearing in mind that on Thursday I had to abandon my run because of dizziness (more than usual), I decided to temporarily lower the pace to 10.3 kph. I ran 3 intervals at this lower pace before increasing it again, completing the rest of the intervals with more ease, justifying my decision to back off a bit. I’m starting to get used to reading my body and working with it, rather than pushing it and paying the price.

The run finished with another 10 minute slow run, before cooling down with a walk. In all I covered 10 miles, bringing my weekly total to a lowly 17 miles, thanks to the early finish of Thursday’s run.

An added element to today’s run was that after the first run I stopped and did some dynamic stretches and rotations to loosen off my joints and muscles. I definitely felt better afterwards, so I’ll try and remember to do this every time. Honest.

Next weekend I venture into even more virgin territory. On Easter Sunday I hope to complete 17 miles. I may be some time, but I will get the job done. And then I will eat a very large Easter Egg in celebration!

20130324-084537 PM.jpg
Yes, that’ll do!

2 thoughts on “Getting towards the End of the Road

  1. Hello! Haven’t commented in some time, but congrats on completing the 17.02 miles! Wow! Somehow I think a marathon may be in your future! .

    I’ve returned to some training but have opted for focus on 10K for the time being and am happily steadily building up the long runs to 10 miles once again. My training program has me doing 4 days a week and more interval work and threshold running. Also, long runs get repeats (e.g., last week 8 miles steady; this week 8 miles once more but 5 miles steady and final 3 “fast”; next week 9 miles slow, then 9 miles steady/fast the following, then a rest week of 6 miles, then up to 10 miles).

    Following the 10K race, I think I will then turn to some 5K training for a late summer/early Fall 5K, followed by another 10K round of focus, and then finally turn my sights on another half-marathon for Spring 2014, God willing. If you recall, we were training w/Galloway within about a week of one another last summer. Alas, my HM was a finish but disappointing due to some nagging injury issues.

    For your iPhone, you might get one of those battery-pack add-ons that fits like a sleeve round your phone. My sister-in-law has one and they are quite nifty and would certainly keep you powered through at least 20 miles even with location services, music, and running app going. I think there are several models.

    As always, impressed with your fortitude to battle the Scottish weather and keep running!

    Cheers and happy trails!


    1. Eric! Hello!!
      I was wondering where you’d disappeared to!! Pleased to read that your training is going well. I read and nodded as I did so because what you are doing now is what I plan to do after the R’n’R half, i.e. focus on 5k and 10k before looking at another half. I have got another half planned for the autumn, but I don’t think I’ll train quite as rigorously for it as I am for this one!
      Happy to hear from you again 🙂

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