The Day After the Day After the Longest Run

Yes, you read right. It’s Tuesday after Sunday, my long run day. I was astonished to wake up on Monday morning and still be able to walk. I was expecting for my sorry legs to have locked up, but I was benefitting from an amateur massage performed by my Semi Silent Coach, henceforth known as ‘Magic Hands Hollis’.

We went for a lovely long walk yesterday along the beach at Kippford, further along the Solway Coast and, apart from feeling tired when we got home, I felt great.

DSC_0826 - Version 2

Today I was faced with a run consisting of intervals. Once I started I realised how tired my little legs were, so I listened to my body and turned the pace down a little. Not by much, but enough to make the run achievable. I also cut the run slightly short because I started to run out of energy.

Once thing is certain, this time round I’ve learned that my body knows better how I am feeling than my head does. When it is tired, I slow down. When it is strong, I push it on.

I think I’m starting to become a real runner at last.


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