Ready to Rock and Roll

It’s Friday before the race on Sunday. My semi silent coach and I are cosily ensconced in our caravan on a site overlooking the Firth of Forth as the rain gently patters on the roof. Hopefully the rain will have passed over by Sunday and the temperature warmed up a bit, because it’s very cold at the moment. We walked the dog along the esplanade earlier and the wind was biting.

I know that not everyone embraces the taper, but I was happy enough to just run 6 miles last Sunday and even accepted advice give by my guru Jeff Galloway not to run at all on Thursday. Maybe I’ve found my limit. I’ve run 13, 15 and 17 miles with a week in between each run. Non runners would quickly tell me that it’s no wonder that I’m happy to call it a day.

Well, at least until Sunday!

Running away from home (!) has meant that I’ve had to bring everything I thought I might need and a bit more. Two bags full of stuff! Luckily the caravan has plenty of cupboards!

Tomorrow we will do a dry run. We were planning to catch the bus to Holyrood, but that involves catching two buses. As the race start is just after 9am that might prove tricky, so we need to check out the routes and timetables.

It’s time for bed now and I’m looking forward to a cosy night in our cosy van, even if that is listening to rainfall!

Night all!

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