Life Taking Over

Running has taken a back seat again, I’m afraid.

Well actually I’m not that bothered. I’m learning to let go a bit and fit my running around my life and not expect my life to fit around my running. If I were an Olympic athlete then maybe I’d have a good reason for letting running dominate my existence, but I’m not.

On Monday I did my long run. Sunday seems to be a traditional long run day, but it’s the only day my husband and I get off together, so spending half of it running seems a bit of an insult. He sometimes gets a Monday off, but not often, so Monday is now my long run day. It’s official.

My long run was a hot and sweaty affair. Summer suddenly appeared on Monday and pushed the temperatures and the humidity up. Running at pace was a struggle and, inevitably, my pace slowed down significantly. I ran my 6 miles in a slow 67 minutes.


I was a bit annoyed with myself, of course – this blog wouldn’t be the same without a bit of self-flagellation! Annoyed until I read Jeff Galloway’s Book on Running wherein he says to slow your pace down by 30 seconds for every degree over 60ºF. When I got back it was still 66ºF, 6 degrees over. Taking 3 minutes off my time would give me a more realistic reflection of my regular pace, so I’m happy with what I achieved in the heat of the day!

Since then I’ve had Parents’ Evening and a late meeting and a haircut. The first two, on Tuesday and Wednesday, meant that I was home later and decided not to run. Today I went for a long overdue hair cut and until my husband came home I wasn’t going to mess up what had been achieved! He arrived home at half 8. Meh.

So tomorrow, will I run tomorrow? Well actually I am considering another run streak as a way of getting some miles done over what will be a very busy weekend. Dumfries and Galloway are hosts to the Spring Fling Open Studio event and whilst I haven’t entered I’m hoping that I’ll get some additional visitors at the gallery. This means opening right through the weekend and curtailing my free time. By running for at least 15 minutes every day I can rack up a few miles and still enjoy what little free time I’m going to have!

So there we are! Sorted!




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