It’s all about timing

I love Snoopy!
I love Snoopy!

I should be sitting here telling you all about my wonderful 8 mile run this afternoon which, having patiently waited until heavy downfalls subsided, went particularly well in lower temperatures that we’ve been having lately.  Yes, that’s exactly what I should be telling you. The run didn’t go badly, it just didn’t go at all.

Just about the entire UK has been experiencing fantastic weather recently. Hot sunny days, no rain and scorching temperatures that have been competing with those in southern Europe, amazingly even in Scotland! Today saw the third day here of very heavy showers, which have been the cause of localised flooding. In between the showers, here at least, the weather rapidly returns to being lovely.

I knew that today was my long run day and I’d been relieved to see that the forecast predicted that the showers in the morning, which were pretty full on, would subside by the mid afternoon. Instead of attempting to run in the rain this morning (which doesn’t bother me, but as I run on the roads visibility for oncoming traffic is seriously reduced and, even though it is weather for ducks, I really don’t want to be a sitting one!) or run on the treadmill I decided to wait it out. I went into work this morning, started a new painting and came home in plenty of time to have lunch and then run.

However, I noticed that the house could do with a bit of a tidy up, so out came the vacuum. Then I noticed that the washing had finished its cycle in the machine, so I hung that out. Then I went to see my hens and noticed a clump of red mite, so out came the mite killer spray. Then I noticed that our bed sheets could do with changing, so out came the bedding. I think you are catching on.

Before I knew it is was after 3:30 and I still hadn’t ventured out. By then the sun was shining and the temperature had risen. It was now or never! I quickly got changed, organised my juice and reached for my phone.


On turning on my Galloway training app, I suddenly realised that I was not due to do an 8 mile run, I was due to do a 9.5 mile run which would take an hour and three quarters. It dawned on me that I simply wouldn’t have enough time to run and then come home, cook, eat, shower and get out for a concert which starts at 7:30 at a venue which is an hour away! The only thing running  was time and it was running away from me!

So, being pragmatic, I decided that I would postpone my run until tomorrow. I decided that whatever the weather I will run in the morning, even if that means running as many safe miles as I can on the road (a quiet, hardly used route) and finishing off on the treadmill. With my running done I can then go to work in the happy knowledge that I’ve done my long run, albeit a day late.

So, not wanting to say I’ve wasted my time, I am presently dying my hair a delightful shade of copper blonde (that’s ginger to you) and writing this blog! Dinner is “identified” and the ingredients have been sourced. Hopefully this time tomorrow I will be back with news of my wonderful 9.5 mile run! Until then, sayonara!

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