9 miles, in the bag!

Yesterday was a bit of disaster, planning wise. Today was the day to run, that was plain to see. And when I got up this morning and saw the sunshine, I knew I’d made the right decision in delaying my long run. The weather was so much cooler today, so much more settled – ideal for a run.

Of course I was well organized because I’d already organised everything yesterday! The Camelbak was juiced up, my Garmin was charged up and my kit was laid out (well, to be fair, it was lying in a heap next to my bed, but at least it was there!) I only had to throw everything on and head out. And that was what I did.

As I stepped out the back door it started to rain, but it was just big spots that weren’t going to come to much, and I was determined come hell or high water to run today. By the time I’d reached the main road it was dry again. The extra half a mile, it turned out, was just my warm up/cool down walks, so I had exactly 9 miles to do. My pace was being prescribed at 11 minute miles making it a steady run for endurance rather than speed. It was breezy so I decided on the shore road. It’s fairly level, but running against the wind can be a really good workout. I decided to leave my hills for a shorter run day.

The going was quite easy, even in the first mile. I was running 4 minutes at 10 minute mile pace and walking for a minute. It felt comfortable. My feet were also feeling the comfort of my Skecher Go Runs and this was going to be my longest run ever in minimal trainers. Do or die.

My fan club!

Every now and again I ran through a pleasant shower, nature’s sprinkler system, so when I started to feel drips on my calves I didn’t really take any notice until, that is, the drips turned into pouring liquid.

Now I have to stop and assure you that, even at the grand old age of 48 (yes alright – almost 49) I have yet to make use of Tena Lady and have excellent bladder control. This was not “lady leakage” but something far more serious.

I stopped and took my backpack off only to find that the drink tube had become detached from bladder and I was losing valuable isotonic juice all over my back, leggings, legs, road. I hastily took the whole thing apart, trying to preserve as much liquid as possible, I was already 3 miles from home, and also rescue my phone that I was carrying in my backpack! Once I’d gathered everything together I’d managed to hang on to less than half my juice. It would just have to do.

Whilst I was rescuing my phone and as I was running so well I decided to tweek my settings on the Jeff Galloway Half Marathon training app so that I was running more and walking less. I set it so that I was running for four and a half minutes and walking for thirty seconds. In reality it felt like I was hardly walking which was actually quite reassuring. I’ve never run over six miles without using walk breaks of a minute, so reducing them by half was quite a step and I believe that I could, if I wanted, complete a half marathon without walking at all. If I wanted.

The benefit of talking regular walk breaks shows itself in my lack of injury as I have increased my mileage. I might ache a bit, but I don’t suffer from the same sort of injuries that I read other runners suffer from.

I completed my nine miles as the sun started to get hotter in 1:39 with fairly consistent 11 minute miles throughout. Next up is a cadence, interval and acceleration work out. I’ll give it a day and do this on Thursday, giving me Friday to recover, Saturday to run again before another long run on Monday.

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