Healing a Heel

After Monday’s run I’ve been so sore that I haven’t even looked at how well I did what intervals I managed. The plantar fasciitis that has been developing despite my best efforts finally hit me hard and I limped through my Monday run and could hardly walk afterwards. Last night walking was very painful indeed, so I wasn’t looking forward to my first day back at school today. However the symptoms had lessened by this morning, which really surprised me.

I’ve been following the recommendations which are outlined in this video – it explains what PF is and how to deal with it:

This is also helpful, talking about deep tissue massage:

I’m stopping running for the rest of this week. That’s statutory. If I run anymore on this heel I will risk greater damage and, to be honest, this hurts quite enough thank you! I’m stretching my calf, achilles and plantar ligament, icing my foot, using a golf ball to stretch the ligament, wearing shoe lifts and using ibuprofen and ice gels directly on the skin! If that doesn’t fix it…


Monday’s run was hard going, as you can maybe imagine. As it was an interval day I headed down in the woods with my trusty hound. My 0.4 mile stretch of reasonably straight trail was my track for the intervals. I started with a 10 minute run at 10:45 min/mile pace, did a few acceleration gliders and then ran half mile intervals (or as near as dammit) which looked like this:

Interval 1 : 0.57 miles  5:21  (9:19 pace)

Interval 2 : 0.51 miles  5:02  (9:48 pace)

Interval 3 : 0.52 miles  5:14 (10:03 pace)

Interval 4 : 0.53 miles  5:14  (9:51pace)

Interval 5 : 0.50 miles  4:51 (9:41 pace)

Interval 8 : 0.50 miles  5:33 (11:08 pace)

I was meant to do 8 intervals, but after interval 5 I started to really suffer and ended up walking through intervals 6 and 7. To be honest I just wanted to get home! I decided to run the eighth interval just as a way of getting home quicker, so I’m actually quite pleased with that one not being not desperately awful!

Compare that to last time’s intervals you can see how much I was struggling:

Interval 1 : 4:30  (8:57 pace)

Interval 2 : 4.35 (9:10 pace)

Interval 3 : 4:41 (9:23 pace)

Interval 4 : 4:41 (9:21 pace)

Interval 5 : 4:56 (10:01 pace)

Interval 6 : 4:26 (10:26 pace)

I came back a bit disheartened, but not with my performance as much as my injury. I will work hard at easing the tightness that is my lower left leg before evening contemplating my planned 13 mile long run on Monday coming.


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