Miles, Feet and Inches

Since I lasted posted, which was a while ago now I know, I’ve continued to battle with PF. I’m pleased to say that it’s dramatically better and I’m able now to run reasonably pain free. I get the occasional pain, which is like a small sharp jab, but that’s all.

Of course I have had to reel my mileage right back, splitting long runs by running half in the morning and half in the evening. I’ve tried to keep running, but have run mostly on the treadmill. Today I completed 12 miles by running 7 this morning and 5 tonight. It was meant to be a 14 mile run, but 12 was enough.

The reason for this wasn’t to do with my PF. My PF foot was fine, although after this morning’s run it had started to ache a bit when I was wandering around the shops today. No, my reason for calling the run short was that I had a large blister on the base of my little toe on the other foot!

On Saturday I was out at a Soul Night and the floor in the function room had been newly laid and it wasn’t easy for me to dance on it in my shoes, so I took them off. I didn’t realise but the seam of my tights was stuck under my toe and a blister gradually formed as the night went on. Really, I should know better. I’m 49 years old!

On Sunday I discovered what had happened and burst the blister. It was fine and I thought that was that. This morning’s run was fine and I did it without any real problems (apart from running out of Star Trek DVDs to watch.) However when we were shopping my toe started to sting so I stopped and removed my sock only to find that the empty blister had welded itself together to form a point! I bought a gel plaster, which has helped a bit, but not enough to stop me from limping.

My number for the Great Cumbrian Run has arrived. It’s sitting in the envelope and I’m still undecided what to do. Today was my last long run so now I am on a taper. If I can get outside to do some short pain-free trail or road runs I’ll be very happy. If I’m in any doubt I will pull out of the race. I would hate for the problem to be exacerbated by racing.

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