Back to the Start

Having not run since my half marathon over a week and a half ago I last night decided to test out my increasingly less injured foot.

My “good idea” was to run through the woods with the dog, just a couple of miles on the fairly soft ground to get my foot working again, but the weather decided to mess that “good idea” up by raining heavily all afternoon.

So, much to my wee hound’s disappointment, I opted for a cushy treadmill run instead.

I ran 5k using 4 minute run intervals alternated with 1 minute recovery walks in 33:50; a nice easy paced run, with me determined not to push any harder than steady.

After running I got my shower and sat wearing my dorsal splint with an icepack wedged between my foot and the splint “shoe” until my foot started to go numb. I’ve been wearing the splint each night since Friday last and it is helping, despite being the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever had to wear in bed! I can’t get the straps quite right; either they’re too tight or too loose. However, even on the loosest setting the splint is still keeping my foot upright and slightly pulled forward, stretching the plantar fascia.

And today? Well I feel fine. No aches, pains or anything untoward. I’m not counting any chickens and will continue to tread on egg shells (OK, I’ve finished with the hen analogies) but I think it’s maybe time to crack on (oops) with my training.

One thing I haven’t made much use of and should have done, is my foam roller. My massage on Monday highlighted the tightness of my calves, which is probably the main reason why I’ve had plantar fasciitis, and use of the roller should help with this. I’ll start tonight. Promise!

So what of Jedburgh 10k at the end of the month? Well, I’m still undecided about that. It’s a great event for camaraderie, but it’s not an easy route consisting of most of Scotland’s hills. I’m not sure if my foot will be healed enough by then so I think it’s going to be a Saturday night decision.

If you find me in the pub with a pint of Guinness you’ll know what my decision was!

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