Last time I was in Edinburgh, I was running up hills.

After more than a month now of quite serious foot pain as a result of plantar fasciitis, I’m starting to feel tired of being injured. The night splint I’ve been wearing, albeit uncomfortable, has helped a great deal and meant that my first steps in the morning aren’t painful. However this week we are taking a couple of days of R&R in Edinburgh, splint-less, and I’m struggling. Yesterday afternoon we spent strolling around shops and today walking through the old town and I’m suffering now. I’ve actually spent the last couple of hours lying in the hotel room, foot elevated, eating chocolate, resting up for the evening.

I bought my running gear with me, thinking that I could do a few Auld Reekie miles, but that looks unlikely at the moment. I’ll see how I feel in the morning, but my foot is simply too sore just now. We even walked past Run 4 It today, walked past without even crossing the street! I’ve never done that before. The mind is willing, the soul is aching, but the body is weak. It’s depressing, really depressing.

I think the time has come to seek out professional help so I’m going to look for a podiatrist. The cost might be more painful than my foot, but ultimately worth it. I don’t think that I can go on like this for much longer.

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