Just Four Easy Miles

So, my visit to the Nike Store went well for me and badly for hubbie’s pocket.

Meet my new Nike Air Span 7s.
Meet my new Nike Air Span 7s.

I can’t seem to get away from white shoes these days which is a really bad idea for someone who lives in the countryside and shares the road with tractors, 4x4s and a myriad of beasts. They won’t stay white for long.

The Air Span is a stability shoe with some good heel protection. They are certainly comfortable and I took them for their first road run today as the sun was starting to go down.

I’d been waiting for this morning’s rain to clear with promise of brighter, calmer weather this afternoon and, believe me, I had plenty of indoor chores to keep me busy until the sun appeared! When I was ready for my run it was already half past two, but I was only due for a 4 miler, so I wasn’t too worried about losing the light. I set my Jeff Galloway app for 2.5 min run: 1 min walk intervals as my heel still isn’t right and I really don’t want to have to stop running. As it was my easy run day I was expecting to have to maintain 11 min/mile pace which was fine. A nice easy run in the sunshine.

Unfortunately it had rained a fair bit in the night and parts of my route looked like this:


I chose a careful path around each puddle; fortunately the grass wasn’t too soggy and my shoes remained reasonably white!

Although I could feel the pain in my foot throughout the entire run, it wasn’t a bad or sharp pain, just one of those dull, nagging ones. The adrenaline will no doubt wear off fairly quickly leaving me hobbling like a goblin.  Not that I’m at all sure that goblins hobble. They probably don’t and I’ve just been very racist. I shall never be allowed under the Misty Mountains again. Although that’s not a bad thing; goblins aren’t the friendliest of folk.

Aside from puddles and goblins the run was a delight. The weather was perfect and I finished my 4 miles in a steady 44 minutes, just under. I maintained a sub 11 min/mile average, which put a bigger smile on my face because it was easy running.

I’ll give my foot a rest again tonight. I’ve already applied ibuprofen gel and done my usual stretches. I need to massage and ice it now, although that will have to wait until after I’ve been shopping. I still haven’t sought the advice of a podiatrist and I know that I need to do that. I will. This week, I will.

4 thoughts on “Just Four Easy Miles

  1. Glad you’re on the mend. Its been nearly a week since I last ran, I’ve been feeling a bit off side for a couple of weeks. Its a bit of a chest cold, complements of my sons university!

    1. I’m not sure if I’m on the mend or not, John. It’s a yoyo injury. I feel better when I’m running and then after a couple of hours I can no longer put my foot on the floor. I’m away to RICE though.
      Sorry to hear that you’re not well – feel better soon!

  2. …..or see a doctor for advice/treatment. That’s what I did, though he’s very much sport orientated (official doctor to Huddersfield Town FC) and understands how my body works. It was him that gave me the cortisone injection that cured my PF – and it was FREE.
    Whatever you decide, good luck with it….

    1. One of our doctors is a runner – he lives across the field from me. Yes, I had thought of making an appointment to see him because I thought he would be more empathetic. Seeing a podiatrist was to also address the problem of my gait, which is possibly due to having a leg longer than the other. I thought a lift might help even things out. Wearing over the counter inserts was a revelation – I didn’t realise that I was walking so badly until I wore them. I just want to make sure I’m not making things worse so seeing a specialist, NHS or not, is a good idea.

      I’m just useless at making appointments 😉

      Thanks Gordon – I am listening.

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