From bad to worse

Finally I seem to be getting to the end of my current battle with Plantar Fasciitis. The leg splint, cumbersome and unsightly as it is, has made the biggest difference and once I’d set the straps at their most comfortable position I hardly noticed that I was wearing the splint at night. Icing my foot for 15-20 minutes every evening has also helped. I still get pain when I first bear weight, but that soon wears off and eventually that too will go. I even managed a full day yesterday wandering around the NEC looking at classic cars and bikes without limping or taking more than a couple of ibuprofen. In short, it’s better.

However, as if my body was looking for an excuse to further curtail my running, I have developed a very aggressive form of Athlete’s Foot. Until last year I had never suffered from Athlete’s Foot. Now I’m making up for it. To show just how aggressive it is I have photographed my foot. Please look away if you have an aversion to feet!

20131117-041048 pm.jpg20131117-044643 pm.jpg
On Thursday night I felt an itch and so I dusted my toes with AF powder. By Friday night my foot looked like this – the little toe is so swollen it is solid and the swelling is spreading to the other toes. The entire front of my foot is similarly swollen, hot and itchy. In between my little toe and the next one is a blister which has slowly got bigger as time has passed. My internet diagnosis seems to point to an infection beyond just being Athlete’s Foot. It hurts to bend my foot, quite a lot – too much to even consider running with it which, considering I have been running despite Plantar Fasciitis, is saying a lot. Unfortunately as we’ve been away I haven’t been able to get a doctor’s reaction to the swelling. I have managed to buy some special foot spray and shoe spray from Boots the Chemist which I’ll start in a few hours when we get back and HONESTLY if it doesn’t quickly improve or if it gets any worse I’ll got to the doctor. Or even A&E. I’m far more worried about the rapid and painful swelling than I was with the PF.

Tomorrow is meant to be a long run day, but it won’t be. I’ve not run since last Monday as a way of protecting my other foot before we went to the NEC. I figured that resting it was the best form of protection. I certainly wasn’t expecting not to be running tomorrow. I do have the option of using my exercise bike which gets used very infrequently and I should make more use of it anyway. A few static miles on that won’t do me any harm at all.

I’m finding my body a bit perplexing at the moment. I feel great, but my feet are just rebelling against me. Whilst I’m not worried about my fitness level I am worried about how it keeps breaking down. None of the injuries are age related or even running related, anyone can get them, but they just seem to be coming one after the other.

Perhaps I need a spell. Does anyone know Harry Potter’s number?

EDIT: After one treatment of AF24 (review to follow) my symptoms have reduced. The swelling has lessened, but not subsided completely. At least it hasn’t got any worse!

I’ve done a bit of reading and apparently my reaction to Athlete’s Foot was an allergic one known as ID and it’s often the only way some people know that they have AF, which fits my symptoms. From nothing there appeared this blistering and swelling. The only way to treat ID is to first get rid of the AF, so I need to carry on with topical treatments. This is the same as what happened last time, although the reaction wasn’t so severe, and the blisters went after a few days. The type of AF I have is Acute Vesicular Athlete’s Foot, more commonly known as ‘Jungle Rot’.

If I’m going to do something I go the whole hog!

5 thoughts on “From bad to worse

  1. Sorry to hear about your latest setback, that foot doesn’t look good at all. Self diagnosis is all very well but you really should see a doctor with those problems. They’re the experts, know all the best remedies and that’s what they’re there for. They’d have you back running again in no time.
    Good luck…

    1. If only I could get to see a doctor as quickly as I’d like! By the time I get an appointment I’m either cured or hospitalised, that’s the way it goes! The foot is pretty much healed now, thanks to a really good spray I bought via Google. My diagnosis appears to have been correct this time. If the spray hadn’t have had an effect within a day or so I would have at least got triaged by the surgery nurse, but I haven’t needed to.

      The only thing that’s been stopping me from running this since the swelling went down has been the loss of the cabin key, the cabin in which my “beloved” treadmill lives, but I’ve just found that tonight!

      I’ll be back with additional vengeance, Gordon! Thank you.

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