Two weeks of nothingness

I started running in 2009 and have never stopped running since that time for longer than just a few days, until now. I last ran two weeks ago and since then not a lace has been tied, not a piece of lycra has been stretched and not a sweat gland bothered. I’ve missed it, but the recuperation was essential.

When I left you last I was being troubled by an allergic reaction to Athlete’s Foot, known as ID. My left foot was badly swollen as a result, so badly swollen that I couldn’t actually bend my foot – so running was a bit of a joke. Having treated it with a spray called AF24 for a week the reaction and infection have now gone. My Plantar Fasciitis hasn’t completely gone, but it’s a hell of a lot better. I no longer have to wear the night splint and I’m no longer limping first thing in the morning. There are times when my heel aches, but that’s usually a sign that I should be sitting down!


So today I restarted my running. I decided to start at the beginning with a 5k training plan which will be run mostly on the treadmill (out of necessity) but with long runs out on the road. As there’s a distinct possibility that overtraining could have caused my PF injury I’m just training to finish a 5k. Well, sort of. You know me. I can’t help but hope that at the end of the training I manage a slightly faster 5k than I can do at the moment.

Today’s run was a 10 minute treadmill one to start me off. Using Jeff Galloway’s 5k app set at 9 min/mile pace and 2:1 run:walk ratio I was running at 12.2 kph (quite fast for me of late) and walking at 4.8. The result was a 1.68 km (1.05 mile) run at 9:31 min/mile pace of which I am very pleased. It might not be far, but it was a good solid run.

Stretches and icing later I feel fine. And on Thursday morning I’ll be fine for another short run. I will.

4 thoughts on “Two weeks of nothingness

  1. I only managed one run last week due to this stupid chest infection. Yesterday I thought I do a kettlebell leg workout. My legs (and arse) are now killing me. Its a pathetic site watching me walk up and down stairs.

    1. Hi Gordon! It’s going cautiously well. I need to write an update, but I’ve been so busy at work I just haven’t had time. I’m taking it easy; short runs and treating every ache with kid gloves. It’s coming back 🙂

      Thank you!

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